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Deer numbers down

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Arrowmaster, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. I dont know how everyone else feels, but I think the deer numbers are down this year. I havent seen near as many deer as I have in the past. I've had no luck this year. Ive seen very few deer. Talking to other hunters in the area say they believe the numbers are down as well. Any statictics on this yet? Is it blue tongue? I've heard that in my area that we've lost between 50% and 70% of our population. Everone is pointing to blue tongue. How true is this?
  2. Arrowmaster.....our area was hit hard (Vermillion, Parke, Clay, Vigo) by EHD. How many were killed by it? I'm sure nobody has a good estimate of the numbers. It will be interesting to see the harvest numbers when all is said and done.

  3. Its blue tongue in our area for sure! Putman/Parke Co. is way down...
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  4. No such trouble here, best summer and fall for deer I can recall...
  5. rumor i've heard that it is down at this point 25% just overheard this
    i know i've got plenty and saw good numbers during archery not good since the machine shotguns came out
  6. Ive seen just as many deer this year as I did last year. Maybe even more.
  7. I saw an average of about 3-4 deer per hunt this year. GOOD TIMES!
  8. Yeah same here in Newton county.
  9. I saw a lot less than years past, but I think alot of it was weather related. There haven't been many hunting days this fall that weren't 50 or warmer.
  10. bucks up does down

    saw 3 to 1 bucks all year nice shooters management bucks and little guys. no sign of blue tongue but numbers do seem down:confused:
  11. the deer numbers seem to be up in the areas that i hunt, but i do know a couple guys that hunt in putnam and parke counties and they said they just didn't see many at all this year.
  12. Saw a little more early in the year, but the good thing was , I saw more bucks, young and mature and had two close calls with a couple of brutes before I got mine. No sign of EHD in Orange co.!!!!
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  13. I think that the state harvest numbers will indeed show that the E.H.D. epedemic in Vermillion county has had an effect on the deer population.It also seems that the southern part of this county may have suffered the most.
  14. I hunt in Parke County and I did not see as many deer as in the past. I still took two does but I did not see a single buck.
  15. Hunt in Southern IN, and saw more does and bucks than ever before.