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Deer or Turkey

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by dleslie217, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. Which would you rather hunt, deer or turkey? For me it's a real toss up but, I do think I get pumped up a little more having a big tom struttin in than I do when I have a shot at a deer. I admit that may change if I ever get a shot at a Booner or a P&Y though. Another question is , which of the two do you think is harder to hunt?
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  2. Great question...easy for me at the moment, because I haven't been turkey hunting yet. So i'm gonna say deer...but i'm lookin forward to the turkey adventure...

  3. Deer...but that might change a little this year if you put me on a tom.
  4. I would choose deer hunting because of the challenge of outsmarting an old doe or buck. I love turkey hunting with a passion, and it is a challenge to call an old tom in and get a shot. But on the other hand, turkey hunting can be less challenging than hunting a specific mature buck, imo. I love em, and they have great eyesite and hearing, but turkeys are still one of the stupidest critters in the woods.
  5. Hands down turkeys in the spring.

    I love to deer hunt, but turkeys are where it is at.

    Fall turkey season is OK, but spring season just flat ROCKS! I just love working the birds, getting them all fired up, watching them strut ... head slapping them with a face full of #5's is pretty cool too.:biggrin:
  6. Turkey. I haven't hunted them for years due to lack of opportunity and time, but Deer have nothing on a close range blue head!
  7. it's almost a toss up for me but i think deer edge's an ole gobbler out by a smidge.
  8. I love them both, but If I have to pick one, I'd say Deer, although I get really pumped every time I hear a Gobbler answer me. I've taken many more deer than turkey and I still get pumped up when I'm deer hunting.
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  9. 1. Gobble Gobble!!!!
    2. Deer
    3. Fowl

    I love them all...right now it is Turkey, but ask me again in about 5-6 months...
  10. Both, turkey in the spring...deer in the fall....
  11. Outsmarting a large chicken just isn't my adrenaline high.........

    Outsmarting 150+ inches of Bone that has 200+ pounds of muscle and will to elude like few other creatures on this planet...............Bingo!! :coolgleam

  12. It's obvious you've never tried to out wit a Quail!!:evilsmile
  13. Deer first, but only because I've hunted them longer. This will be my ninth year turkey hunting (holy crap, I'm getting old!), and I love every minute of it. I guess maybe they're about even for me...hell, I don't know.
  14. Yup...........I tried training one once............and after that whole experience in my short life...........

    ...............I just gave up. :evil: :evil: