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Deer Politics?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by goggleye57, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. I noticed Representative Bill Friend of Lacy is a co-sponsor of the canned hunting bill. I think that district includes Peru? I think Russell Bellar's infamous canned hunting ranch is right north of Peru. Do you think there is any connection? :(
  2. Now what would make you think that, all politians are very honest right??:evil: :coolgleam

  3. Hb1349

    This bill passed from the Agricultural and Natural Resources Committe today 11-1

    This was not unexpected from the people fighting to keep the canned hunting deer and exotic preserves from becoming legal.

    We found it interesting that the legislators on the committee kept saying these operations were legal in the past. while IDNR personel said they were NEVER legal. Exotics were never addressed nor under a rule and a Game breeders permit specifies no shooting of the deer.

    In the end the bill was forwarded to the floor for a vote, the vote will take place mid to late next week. We need everyones help, if you want to end these folks operating in Indiana. We are talking less than 15 operations today, they want to be "granfathered" allowed to stay in business with no competition or open it up wit han 80 acre minimum to start.

    If you want to help we need you to contact your House Representative, we need 51 votes against, we have about 10 tonight.

    PLEASE,PLEASE take this very serious, this is the final stand, IDNR outlawed them on August 11th 2005. This legislative session is their last gasp

    don't know your legislator? How do I contact him or her? Follow this link

    You want to contact your House Rep. wouldn't hurt to begin to correspond with your Senator.

    If you have a Rep that says they will vote against please email me that name so we can add it to the list.


    Don't post them here as ALL hunting sites are being watched by the canned hunt people for clues to who they need to work.

    As a friend said: "You want prostitutes go to Nevada it is legal there, you want to shoot behind a high fence go to Texas, we don't need either in Indiana!"