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Deer population trends down

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by psychobubba, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. I just happened to get done reading that............ I'm glad you put it on here, cuz I wouldn't have been able figure out how...... I bet it gets some responses.

  2. good management?hahahahahahaha
    reduce the gunseason and doe tags
    i was taught that.... no does no bucks... seems to be working? ...yes there should be management but this state is going in the wrong direction yes there are some great bucks being taken there could be more
    pressure reduce the gun season to 7 or 10 days
  3. Reduce the gun season? That is getting old, nothing wrong with the way it is. It is helping to achieve the objective.
  4. Interesting article, thanks!
  5. Interesting article. Seemed to discount the EHD quite a bit I thought. The total harvest fell short by only 145 animals, while the EHD stricken counties saw almost a 1000 head reduction in their take, in just the counties they mentioned. Herd balance is finally starting to happen in my area of the state. Good article, glad to see Noble stay in the top 10, and proud to have added to the county total. The herd is in good shape...but this article feels like it could be used for evil, and taken out of context and exagerated.

    Good stuff Northeast Indiana.

    ALSO...I wonder how much the urban hunt in Warsaw inflated the numbers for Kosciusko county.

    Well done Steuben, Kosciusko, and Noble counties!
  6. What objective is it achieving?
  7. My main question is how many vehicle related deaths are considered when it comes to population????? That number isn't even factored in. I'll venture to guess that the numbers of deer killed by cars each year are astronomical. This statement is not to appease insurance companies or anything like that, The number is what I'm wondering about..... how does an entity quantify their numbers.....
  8. Good point. Does anyone know what the rough population would be in the state. 125,000 is a big number and what percent is that of the population? then factor in auto related deaths and deer that go un-tagged.
  9. John Olson, Do you have any idea how many deer there are in Indiana? Or, do you have a rough estimate? If I had to guess, I'd say there are around a half a million. But, this is only a guess.
  10. With only a 145 kill difference under 2005 and a major EHD outbreak in the west central part of the state I don't see how that adds up to a downward trend in population. You may just as well say the kill numbers were the same, as 145 is nothing in the big picture.
  11. IF all of those deer hadn't died to EHD down your way, I'm pretty sure we'd have seen an actual record. It'll be interesting to see how many are killed this coming season.
  12. My thoughts exactly.
  13. Thats what Im wondering Dean ,I for one dont want a smaller herd,I knew this was going to be the trend,so Itll be getting lonely on the deer stand,and Ill start wallpapering my gun room with unused tags.I seen only 1 buck last year,3 hunters.It would be better to have several bucks and 3 hunters.Will lesser bucks be hunted all that much harder? With less of a chance of growing big?
  14. Probably more poached than hit by cars.