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Deer Report

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by treehugger, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. I was in the Gander Mountain in Terre Haute today and they had the results posted with pictures of the big deer contest they held in 2005. Some nice buck photos!

    1st place - 30 points, 21" inside spread, 210 lbs.
    2nd place - 21 points, 25" inside spread, 235 lbs.
    3rd place - 20 points, 22" inside spread, 254 lbs.
    Biggest doe - 158 lbs.

    I have no clue if any/all of these deer were taken in IN as the photos did not indicate the state taken, however names of hunters were listed.
  2. Big Bucks

    treehugger, Hopefully they were all Indiana deer. Can you go back and find out?? Have you heard of this supposed 240 "N.T. shot in Parke?? See if Gary Handling knows anything about it.

  3. i'll try and give them a ring tomorrow and see if they can tell me. i jotted the details down with names of hunters and may still have it unless my wife cleaned up after me again! i'll check with Gary, i need to call him anyway to setup a time for him to do the official score on mine.
  4. Tree, that 12 pointer is a dang nice buck!!!!
  5. Thanks's the biggest I've ever taken. I've been hunting deer for about 23 years off and on. It has never been better than the past few years. I'm definitely hooked for the long haul now.
  6. Made a call to the friendly neighborhood Gander earlier today to inquire if the winning entrants in the big deer contest were Indiana deer. The 5th person I talked to said the 2nd place winner was an Indiana deer, the 1st & 3rd places he wasn't sure of. :banghead3
  7. Update

    I found out the 2nd place buck was taken in Indiana - Parke County. The first place buck was taken in Illinois.

    Dean...Gary scored the 2nd place buck from Parke County the other day. I believe it scored something like 192 or 194.