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Deer Sightings

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by treehugger, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. Went out yesterday evening with the family for a country drive near my deer hunting area. We saw many does and fawns during the trip. We did not see any antlered deer this time. A few of the does looked huge...would there still be some that haven't dropped fawns yet? The brown tone of their hides stood out dramatically with the sun shining on them against the green background of the crops. Saturday morning I was fishing with my wife and as we moved along the bank of an island my wife motioned towards the island...there stood a doe watching us float wandered off into a thicket not too worried about us...must have swam over to the island to escape some coyotes or something...would a deer go to that extreme, to swim across a lake to birth a fawn(s)? What are you seeing out there???
  2. Some does that might have been bred late might still be carrying, but it seems doubtful that very many are. They have to have plenty of time to grow and be weened by winter. It COULD happen if they were bred late. Dr. Kroll says that does will cycle and re-cycle from Sept. through it could be.

    Yes, that doe probably instinctively went to that Island. However, I don't know that it was a great idea seeing that the fawn would be trapped. Who knows, maybe they can swim as soon as they can walk. Very interesting sighting to say the least.

  3. I took my dog for a walk in a well known preserve kind of place. I saw one little buck probably going to be an eight pointer, and about 7 or 8 does. The closest one was at about 15 yards and just let my basset hound and I walk on by. I even stopped and watched it walk through the creek bed, moe was ready to chase it to the next county and it just didnt even care at all. Can deer that seem to be this used to humans become dangerous? I know that most farmers dont like their bulls becoming too fond of humans because then you never know when they will snap. I didnt know if the same comparison could be made for deer as well. Maybe its an oppurtunity to raise a need for a hunt in this area.

    ****All of the does looked like they had dropped by the way.
  5. seen one loper

    Saw one giant horse of a buck 1.5mi from my house at the whiteland I-65 interchange yesterday. Looks like hell be at least 160 class. Ran across the road in the middle of the day, thought it was a horse at first. Hopefully he'll end up in my yard at some point during season and then on the wall. Looked like he already had 145" of antler.

  6. Went out to one of the farms I hunt last week for about 45 minutes..........saw 7 Does and 11 group had 6 Bucks together. Good evening of scouting. Couple of the Bucks were much wider than the ears.....not much tine developement yet.
  7. I went out on the Goldwing last night and was about 1/2 mile from my hunting area and a doe seemed to want the serial number off of the bike. Luckily, she changed her mind at about 2 feet from the front faring and she got turned around! I about had to change my shorts!!:yikes:
  8. gold wings, brown cape, huh? yikes
  9. Swimming fawns

    Have a friend who was canoing this weekend on Sugar Creek over near Racoon Lake. She said she saw a fawn jump in the creek and efforlessly swim across. So apparently fawns do swim.
  10. I saw two very nice bucks feeding together in a bean field last night on my way back to Montezuma last night at approx. 8:00. Other than that, nothing but does.
  11. been seeing doe's out behind the house in the bean field. no bucks lately
  12. We saw 5 bucks any where from a spike to 10 points and still growing.
  13. suddenly dawned on me yesterday as I was driving home when I saw 2 huge bodied deer off in the distance standing at the top of a hill...this year could really be the break out year for MONSTER BUCKS!!!!! :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes:
  14. you think?

    My buddies wife saw a giant sway back already growing a drop tine an hour before dark last night at our spot in Owen Co. Be looking for pics of him on a trail cam soon, you all might be in trouble on the contest!

  15. Ooooooh, that sounded like a threat.......The Contest Heats Up!!!!!