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Deer that made it!

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by 410, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Just got in from scouting to see what deer made it threw the season. So far I have seen in 5 different areas, 13 bucks. 3 spikes, 2 four, 3 sixes, 1 seven, 2 eights, 1 ten and yes a 14 pointer that I only seen twice during season, one time he was only about 25 yards in bow season but was in to much bush and the other time he was to far a way in late bow season.
    There is still does in the area and they are bunching up even the bucks. Great to see there was some deer left. To me OBR does work.:bowdown: :bowdown:
    What deer has made it in your area? :coco:
  2. Haven't seen a deer on hoof near my hunting area since 11-29. Some tracks and some beds hit and miss, but that is it. All small. Haven't seen any of the bucks I hoped would make it through...:banghead3

    Looks like this part of Noble is starting over fresh next year...:dizzy:

  3. Seen 10 Does And 3 Bucks In The Cut Corn Field 2 Nights Ago , The One Buck Is An 11pt. Scoring In The 150s So Glad He Made It , Bring On Oct. 1st 2007 He Is The One Im After Next Season
  4. Buddy of mine found a shed (one side) in Owen Co. last day of season. Was just dropped the night before 50 yards from his barn. Big buck no one had seen this year hunting, think we saw his tracks a few times. Hopefully I can get a pic. of it to post. He is still around as are quite a few others I know of. Next year!:coolgleam
  5. That's very encouraging.
  6. Haven't gone out yet, but plan on going out soon. I'll probally end up jumping quite a few deer hunting for sheds also.
  7. I believe I remember a story about this buck from bow season...Same one Michael????

    I am sad to report that there are no deer left in my area. None, zilch, nada.........
  8. Same here............all two deer I saw this year, I shot. No Buck and Doe left now to have babies.........crossing my fingers some more move in my areas so I can keep practising QDM. [​IMG]
  9. If you need help with any of those horned critters next season, just let me know :biggrin: .
  10. You got rid of your buck factories???:evil:
  11. Most of the deer in Weimers area are using walkers now to get around. I think ol pork lips might be able to sneak up on (chase down) one of the feeble ones next season in a dramatic spot and stalk. We'll see what transpires.
  12. :lol: Can't stop laughing!
  13. Come on gang I know someone still has some good deer that made it. Lets hear about.
  14. The city of warsaw has plenty that made, saw a smallish 6 point, and very nice 2 1/2 year old 8 point in her backyard, with a nice doe, and about 12 more out in the field. Warsaw is good...
  15. Warsaw huh? Can we hunt at kellys parents house then?? haha