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Deer & Turkey Expo

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by 410, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. Hey got back from the Deer Expo down in Indy. Hey I was glad to see some of the gang and I also miss some when I was out of the Deer Scoring area. I seen a lot of good deer heads scorced. WOW the one scored ? 234. What a deer. Also there was a lot and I mean a lot of people, It took me about a half hour just to get to the tackle area and then I did not buy a single thing. What did you think of the EXPO
  2. great time

    It was the first time at the expo! My wife and I went down saturday, was neat to put faces with some of the people I chat with and read posts from. I found the deer and turkey expo to be much more intresting than the fishing side, but thats just because I still have that urge to hunt inside me! Hope everyone else enjoyed it also, I would like to see a deer and turkey expo in the fall,anyone else?

  3. Went down friday night with my wife. It was my first time being at the show. I didnt buy too much, bought a whitetail decal for my truck and some "deer cook" seasoning for chili, man was that stuff good. I got a pot of that cooking right now. I listened to Roger Raglin, he was 15 minutes late to the show. My wife thought he was a little rude. I enjoyed listening tough for the most part, except for when he ripped on Peyton Manning at the beginning of the show. The wall of fame was a sight to see. That was the main reason i went, i had to get a look at the biggest bucks in the state.
  4. Had a great time meeting all of the guys on here...Roger Raglin talked for a long time but didn't say much. My buddy entered his dog in the "Big Air" competition. It was one of the dogs that didn't get wet. Oh, well, still a good time.
  5. Went on Saturday, had a good time spending the day with my 8 yr. old daughter and to all the guys I met from this site...It was great to meet you all! The Deer & Turkey Expo was really crowded and don't feel like I saw half of it. The Roger Raglin bit was humorous at times but was not what I had expected. There were a lot of nice deer mounts on display. We probably spent more time walking through the vacation / outfitter area than anywhere else. Talked to several of those folks at length about fishing/bear hunts. All in all had a great time.

  6. FireLt72

    FireLt72 Staff Member Mod

    I went Saturday with some of my friends and my brother in law(he is a friend too). Purchased a couple a calls from Turkey Tamer Calls, very nice. The only problem was it was soooo busy it was hard to see everything in the turkey and deer expo hall. The only thing I really missed was the lack of clothing. I didn't see much. We had a great time anyway and really loved seeing the deer racks and people.
  7. I talked at length to a walleye outfitter from Manitoba that really appealed to me. Did anyone check those guys out. They were real close to the scoring area. A couple of younger guys that were real friendly. I liked what i saw of their operation.
  8. Expo

    I went Saturday. It was gerat to meet several of the guys from this site.

    Dean...What did the buck from Decatur County score? Did you wear your new ball cap home ???

    I think the show is declining in quality somewhat. The vendors there seem to be more and more of the "outfitter" variety. It looked like the IDHA had some record number deer heads this year.

  9. Dawg, I'm pretty sure the Decatur deer scored 234, but Dean will have to confirm.
  10. couldn't make it

    I couldn't make it this weekend to the show, but was just wandering if anyone seen the infamous Morgan county buck?? :hide: No big deal, just curious..

    And if it's possible share some more pics from the show.

  11. 234 2/8...A new No. 3 N.T. all-time in Shotgun category. The quality of racks at the show was just unreal this year. Is the OBR working????? :coco:

    You can see a picture of Jack's buck in the photo Gallery!!!!
  12. Nope, i didnt see it when i was there friday night. I took a few pics, i'll try and get them up this evening. One other thing i enjoyed seeing was the live elk, at one point he had his big empty food bowl on the top of his rack and was swinging it all over the place, he must have been hungry. That was pretty funny to watch.
  13. Went Friday Night. Would Like To See The Deer And Turkey Portion Expanded And Run For A More Than A Weekend. Would Like To See More Hunting Products Vendors And Less Candy, Sunglasses, Ect.. There Seems To Be Alot Of Stuff Being Sold That Has Very Little To Do With Hunting Or The Outdoors.