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Deercam Pics

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These boys are at the top of my "Wanted" list for the 05 deer season. These pics are all from the last 3 weeks and within about a 10 acre lowground. Partner did not reset the time/date after his batteries went dead on the one pic. sry, thats why the date is off.

I cannot WAIT to see this one next year

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OOPS! sorry bout that guys :bonk: im still learnin the pic thing. sry
Hurt my feelings

Okay, now I just feel worse. I just returned from Wal*Mart after waiting 2 hours for the 1 hour photo only to find 24 pictures of skinheads in various positions. I had finally convinced myself that this was still an acceptable scouting venture until I logged onto the site and saw these hogs.

You're killing me! Now I have to go buy some film and relocate the camera in hopes of outdoing your trophys. The farm I'm scouting is brand new to me so I really didn't know what to expect... looks like the buck doe ratio is sitting at around 25/1 at best! :banghead3
I love my camera man.. The top pic is out of my camera (stealth cam) the other two are off my buddies deercam i belive its called. My 65$ stealth cam has taken some awesome pics. Its an awesome scouting tool. These pics are taken where 3 fourwheeler trails come together. 2 differnet spots in the lowground. The deer i took with a gunt his year i never saw in real life until the night i shot him. I have 3 pics of him all in the same sequence one night. ill post them sometime. Hang in there man, ive had plenty of roles of slickheads..some are neat though. Depending on where your at though they are starting to drop there horns...lot of people down south finding sheds. I picked my woods apart over the weekend. NOTHIN! hang in there...ull get some good ones.
Photos from my trailcam yesterday

I pulled one of my trail cameras yesterday from a farm near my office... this place is totally new to me so I am trying to figure out what is going on around there before stratagizing any big hunting trips on the place. I have seen several deer and one good flock of turkeys on the farm but it was loaded with ***** and coyotes when I first arrived back in January. I took several critters off the place so I expected to get a diverse batch of pictures back... turns out all I got was a bunch of deer! I'm not complaining, I love those deer, just wish they had some big antlers! :b

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GREAT PICS jr! really clear. If theres that many does runnin around theres gotta be some headgear somewhere. Here are the 2 good pics of the deer i shot this year.

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Dang gone it boys, you're gonna make me have to dust off the scanner again. Both of ya have some great pics. I had a picture of a yearling licking the camera one time. Apparently they taste good!

I wish I had a digital game tracker. I just hate explaining it to the "Administrative Assistants" every time I want my photos scanned into my work computer! :biggrin:
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