Delahoya - Mayweather fight

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  1. Got the fight on pay-per-view last night. After a long nap through the two undercards got ready for the main event. Had family over and fixed dinner, everyone excited ready to watch the "best fight in 5 years on the big screen". Oscar looked to want to stand in and fight and Mayweather danced around and threw glancing jabs and played defense. No real power punches to speak of and Floyd gets the split decision. IMO if the fighters don't slug it out a little it is not even a valid fight!!! They ARE two of the best in the world, stand in there and box. I would have scored a draw or decision for Oscar (he wanted to stand and slug it out). I want my money back!! They both looked like pretty boys ready for their paycheck at the end of the fight.:cheeky-sm What do you guys think?
  2. My favorite fights these days are the re-runs of the classic Ali fights. I just can't seem to get excited about boxing since Tyson ruined it.

  3. I think boxing in general is an over rated shadow of its former self. I love the premise of two guys beating the blood out of each other but they just don't fight anymore. What you saw last night was a perfect example of boxing today. Ego maniac pretty boys more concerned with keeping their girly looks in order than actually fighting. Mike Tyson is a turd burglar but at least he wanted to fight. In his day he'd stand in and throw punches with anybody. Now they just dance and blow kisses...
  4. Boxing has lost any credibility it ever had. Too many organizations, all corrupt, no big names that routinely fight, fighters that don't want to mix it up, too much Don King influence in the sport, and it just doesn't have the excitement it once had. I was NEVER an Ali fan. They always talk about how many times he won the title...but didn't he have to lose it a few times to win it back?...But at least he kept the sport interesting, along with his major competitors at the time. Even though Mike Tyson is mentally retarded he brought great interest to boxing with his "I'm gonna' kill you" attitude and style. That's my 2 cents worth on boxing.
  5. Just to echo what has already been said, it isn't what it used to be. Saw the 1993 Bowe-Holyfield fight on ESPN last night...that was boxing. Just slugging, and punching, and brawling. Good stuff.

    They don't fight anymore, they are there for the check..."don't knock me out, I won't knock you out, lets just get paid."
  6. 3 words...Ultimate Fighting Championships.

    But, for kicks I say let James and Werstler box it out...

    Let's get reaaddddyyyy to Ruuuuuuummmmble!!!!!!!!

  7. What are the undercards?

    Dew and Harold?
    Quail in a cage match against 100 rat-l-traps?
  8. I can't even watch boxing anymore. I've been into the UFC since it started and actually spar with a buddy that fights the local fights. It's not even on the same level. You rarely ever see a shadow boxing match in MMA.
  9. UFC is a knockout compared to boxing. Pay to watch boxing and see to Puss's box or should I say a boxer chasing a puss around Mayweather did not want to fight. WELL now there will be 2 or more fights between those two and that sucks. GO UFC
  10. Ufc Is The Only Way To Go.high Kick's Teeth Fly'n Out Cut's That Would Bleed Out A Hog,can't Beat It.
  11. I would pay money to see this one....

    (enter Howard Cosell voice) " The birdman stays true to his name by dancing all over that ring. I mean to tell you...he's doing the funky chicken. The only thing he can't seem to do is get a solid hook in on the rattle traps......."

    I'd take the traps in 5 rounds.:hide:
  12. That would be "Truly an awesome spectacle"..........
  13. "I was having dinner with the moderators James and Randy just the otha' day. From what they tell me, Quail has not been training against rat-l-traps with hooks in them. I don't know what to think about that method of training, but from what I gathered there is little faith in his ability to really turn it on during the bout.......

    I think quail is hurt, I think quail is tired...THE TRAP IS TAKING THE MAN TO DORREEAY TOWN....

  14. ultimate fighting is the wave of the future.
  15. That's it you bunch of turkeys...I vow to use rattle traps only for the rest of the open water season, you pretty boys just sit back and watch my score continue to build!!!!!:cheeky-sm

    So....put hooks on 'em you think, Trent? I may have to try that.