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Delta Waterfowl ... question

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by DEC, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. Question. As many know, I'm involved with DU. But, I've always wondered about Delta. Are any of you guys members of Delta? Members of both DU and Delta.

    Not trying to get into a DU vs. Delta pissing match. I've researched Delta some over at the refuge and I get discouraged real fast over the fan boys pissing on each other.

    In a civil discussion, what do you like about one over the other, if you don't mind?

    I'm thinking of joining Delta, just to see what they have to offer.
  2. I like delta becuase their dollars go to the ducks and I believe that their nesting work/predator management will do more for duck numbers per $ spent than the things DU does.

    DELTA gets a thumbs up from me.

  3. Were you formally a member of DU and dropped them? Just curious.

    I actually don't know much about Delta. I'm thinking of joining just to see what they are about and figure more money to the ducks either way. I've been a member of DU for 8 or 9 years now and have no complaints. Like any of these organizations, they have their problems, but the good that is done far out weighs the few internal problems, IMO.
  4. For the $20 a year you send to DU the spend $40 in postage trying to get more money out of you. I havenn't been a DU member for probably 5 or 6 years and I bet they still spend over $20 a year on postage to me not counting printed materials. I bet I cost DU $50 total every year.
  5. That's the just the simple NRA tactic ... ;) When I was a member with them, I could have filled a trash can a month with all their mailings.

    I honestly don't get much DU stuff in the mail. The magazines and maybe a couple other small things a year. But at least I get their mailings. Several of our members don't even get the magazine. A serious problem internally that is hopefully going to get resolved.

    How's the Delta magazine?
  6. I am a DU member for now but after talking to all my Southern IN boys I too am considering switching to Delta. Doesn't seem that DU has the right mindset as far as monies spent towards building IN's future waterfowling. Maybe I am wrong because all I have so far is hearsay from others, and have just now started to do my own research.
  7. Such a waste, DEC...those NRA mailings are great for potty training a new puppy.:evil:
  8. First off let me say I am a memeber of both. I feel both put money towards the ducks, and that is never a bad thing. With that said, I donate more money towards Delta each year than DU. I just think Delta is more rounded for helping the ducks. DU seems to be about purchasing land, which isn't a bad thing either. I just prefer Delta more. It's all up to the individual.
  9. I am in both also, been a du member for 30 years, but now I am concentrating on Delta. They do a lot for your money.
    I am the chairman for the new Ohio River Delta Waterfowl chapter, located in Evansville, In. we are having our 1st banquet on June 2, 2007.
    Will be having hunts for raffle, custom made calls from across the country, and a lot of fun.
    You can do both, I just chose to concentrate on Delta.
    Hope you join !
  10. D.U. vs. Delta Waterfowl.......................................

    I'm a member of both and for about 30 years! I may not agree with who DU sleeps with i.e.: I don't think some DU donors have the hunter's best interest. Delta on the otherhand have hunters more in mind. Both are doing what needs to be done though, IMHO! :coolgleam

  11. You don't happen to use those Brian Ferguson Custom Calls do you DM1? My best friend (Fox) works with the man himself (Brian) and just got me hooked up with a couple made from Hedge.....SWEET!!!

    Thanks again...;)
  12. I am the Brian Ferguson who makes those calls. Foxy told me you liked them, he was drooling over them when I took the calls into work for him to give to you. Glad you like them, those are my best sellers.
  13. Welcome to the site Brain.
  14. political yes but we need du

    did not du pay a portion of the goose pond project ? even so i know my dollars are working so would all of you if you visited the canadian duck factory properties please support du! nothing is perfect but things could get a whole lot worst with out them