Diaphram Calls

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  1. I'm thinking about buying a couple of diaphram calls this year to use. I've had great success with my slate and box, but I would like to have a mouth call for another type of call to use and also when the birds get close. Any great diaphram calls out there? I'm sure they're like any other call, some are good and some suck so let me know.
  2. diaphram calls are funny. some will fit the roof of your mouth different. my main stay is H&S 2.5 cutter. they are raspy easy to cut with. their all hard to learn. lotta people don't likem. if you practice with them you can use the diaphram and the slate or box and use the same time and be 2 different birds. i call in birds withem every yr.

  3. i've tried alot as well but the H&S split VII is my favorite...also has a raspy sound and is easy to use...just find one that is comfortable in your mouth then practice...you may want to gag at first but you'll get used to the call in your mouth and need to use in my opinion to finish the deal on tough birds...
  4. Unfortunately, you will probably have to buy a few different ones to find what frame fits your mouth best and what reed system works for you.

    My preference is the H.S. Alumistrut line. In particular the Raspy Ol' Hen. I buy every one of them that Wal-mart has at the end of season every year when they hit the clearance isle. I also have some of the Primos Piggyback calls too. They sound very nice too.

    I've used some of the Quaker Boy ones too. I can make them sound pretty good considering they don't fit my mouth as well as the ones above do.

    Just buy 3 or 4 different ones and test them out.
  5. The tape on the H.S. Strut calls is a little bigger and a little more cumbersome in your mouth than other calls. I used to like the M.A.D. diaphrams, but I've used the H.S. calls for quite a while now. Start with a single or double reed until you figure them out. Then, move on to the triple and quadruple cut reed calls. I rarely use anything other than a diaphram call anymore.
  6. i prefer primos calls the single and double reeds are very easy to start with once you get the hang of them try the stacked frames
  7. My top 4:

    Primos - Piggyback
    Primos - A-frame
    Knight n Hale - Split V
    H.S. - Raspy Hen

    If the tape is too big trim it with some scissors to get a nice custom fit, I prefer no tape at all on mine.
  8. I've tryed several over the years, Primos, H.S. and alot of brands I can't even remember. I like Knight and Hale's split-V and a double cutter made by a small company in Kentucky, (don't know they're name) but the frame is smaller and its more comfortable.
    Try several to get a feel for them, you'll come up with a favorite or two. I carry one in my pocket all spring and practice on my way to and from work every day. A good thing to do is wash them off with water and keep them in the fridge when not in use, that helps keep the latex from sticking together. I hate it when I get a good one and the latex sticks together or dry rots.
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