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did something crazy!

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by LoveHunting, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. I went out and bought a remington 870 super magnum with the super full choke and 3-1/2 in chambering. full camo and the PISTOL GRIP! i can't believe i bought it but i did and i can't wait to use it. Does anyone have an 870 super magnum...and if you do what do you shoot out of it?
  2. i just got an 835 and it kicks like a mule. i bought a box of 3 1/2inch winch. extended range 30.00 a box of 10. bought a box of winch. 3 1/2 6 shot didn't do very well. the extended range did pretty well at 45 yrds. i think the price is overated. bought a hastings .690 to put on it but didn't seem to make any difference compared to the one that came with it. if you are planning having one mounted and use the same head make sure he's at least 35 yrds out. any thing closer than 25 yrds. you will be lucky to find the head lol.

  3. I don't have a Rem super mag, but you can't go wrong with their guns. I have 3 shotguns that are Remingtons. I have a 870 express, which was my first gun, an 1100 12 gauge with rifled barrel for deer, and 1187 20 guage for rabbits and upland game. I also have a 700P in 223, but that's a different story. I would like to try their SP-10 guage for turkey. Right now I'm using a New England single shot 10 gauge with a Bushnell Trophy red dot. It's small, which is kind of nice for hunting down in southern IN. I use the Rem Hevi-Shot. Dropped a bird at 50 yrds last year and I was shooting through a fence and heavy cover. I'm sold on the Hevi-Shot. Good luck, LoveHunting, with your new gun this year.