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Did this ever happen to you?

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by bigling97, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. So I was on my way out to the mall on Sunday night and in a field off to my right was a herd of deer that looked like cattle. My question to you is this, When driving do you ever almost get rear ended by another vehicle because you have seen or think you have seen deer, turkey, yotes...etc.. Do you have a sore neck from looking from left to right constantly or is it just me? Almost got into a couple of fender bender doing this and was wondering if this is "normal".Or am I a little :coco:

    I almost hit a mail box on the way to church yesterday morning (had my wife and kids with me) because along the road there were two guy standing over a 120's 8 pointer that had been hit by a car.

    I spend way more time looking at fields and fence rows then I do watching the road. Heck a few weeks ago I almost plowed my truck into a tree along side my drive way as I watched a very large 10 pointer bound off around my barn.:dizzy:

  3. This time of year I'll admit I watch the fields more than the roads. It drives my wife crazy....especially now that my two sons are on the lookout at all times too- oh yes future deer freaks.:bouncy:
  4. Daily...drives my finace nuts, we'll be driving, I'll point to some brown spot 300 yards away next to a woodlot, and like clockwork she says, "does that radar work on cars too? or are we just gonna get in an accident." :hide:

    If i saw as many deer while hunting as i do while driving, well, then, I would see alot of deer...
  5. See a lot more deer hunting than I do while driving the truck. The deer I do see while in the truck are generally in the headlights to and from my hunting spot in the dark!! Had to stop taking a certain road because of so many near collisions. Do see some during daylight from the window, but most of the time I am hunting, not driving around.:)
  6. Not only do I have a problem keeping my eyes on the road, but my wife watches the fields also. I can be driving in bumper to bumper traffic at 80 mph on the interstates and she will start pointing and telling me to look at the deer or turkey she sees.
  7. you mean we are supposed to watch the road when we drive:biggrin: my eyes are on the countyside alot more than the road...i've spotted deer before off the side of the road 50-100yards then look back to the road and have a deer standing in the roadway:yikes: that'll wake you up! i've got about a 45 min. commute to work through dubois,spencer and perry counties so deer and turkey are almost always seen...raining this morning probably saw 50 turkeys in all scattered out in several fields
  8. Oh yes, two years ago I was driving down strd 44 and saw a p+y and what looked to be a possible booner dogging a doe in a cut corn field. All I got out of it was a front end wrapped around a tree. I still think those deer are laughing at me today.
  9. I haven't looked at the road while driving since 1995.
  10. Right there with you J.L. my wife says that I gawk to much. Hell, she doesn't even know what I'm Looking at. It's more like looking for. My eyes are always on the fields and woods.
  11. i feel old since 1995? wow
    my wife does the scouting from the truck when we travel
  12. Here is a thread that hits home!

    I have hit mailboxes, knocked my passenger side mirror off twice and nearly caused multi-car pile ups. My wife says that I need to wear one of those NASCAR H.A.N.S. devices when I drive. I never watch the road when there is a field, woodline or fence row in sight.
  13. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Last time I was in Florida....walking down the beach....following two thongs....ran into some fat guy....nearly put a dent in my forehead.