Did you ever notice?

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  1. That when you jump a deer while deer hunting, it's a monster buck you never see again, but when you jump a deer while rabbit hunting, its the same doe you jumped last week, and the beagle took after her then too...

    What have you noticed that just doesn't make sense...there have to be some good stories out there...

    And if nothing else, certainly quail will find someway to poke fun at Dean!:evilsmile
  2. One thing i've noticed. There must be some magnetic field or a gravitational phenomenon that happens in this one spot where I hunt, its about 300 yards from my truck and every time I walk through this area I have to go to the bathroom. When I walk through this area a pain hits my gut and I lock up in mid step. I can try to go the night before or that morning but the force is too strong. This area has been named "Poop Pain Ridge" by local hunters.

  3. Have you guys noticed that when you move yer stand about 50-75 yards up or down the ridge to get within bow range of the deer you've been seeing. They walk right right past the tree that you were hunting???? Happened to my nephew twice this year, same buck both times.
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    I always notice when I have a bad day pheasant hunting, I have a good day pushing up deer.

  5. Ohhhh, it hurts...my side...ouch...:lol:
  6. True story my friend.
  7. That place is named "Home Depot" for me...EVERY time I walk into that store...
  8. Flea Market, county fair, sitting in deadlock traffic, its like your body knows.
  9. One thing that I've noticed is that when I'm to much of wuss to go hunting because it "too windy" or "too rainy" it turns to perfect weather but its too late to go out then. It's like a punishment for being lazy.
  10. I have many times jumped deer and have them circle around to see what exactly jumped them, just like a rabbit. Its been a lethal mistake for a few deer for me.
  11. Ever hunted public property and have to make poop...happened to me. Then when I was done and used one pair of my socks for T.P. I looked up and saw a hunter in a treestand no more than 30 yards from me. Talk about wishing you could snap your fingers and be somewhere else real fast. That was a bad trip.

    NOTE: If you are the one watching this from your treestand, be nice enough to get the fellow hunters attention before he drops trowl. This will not offend the fellow hunter. It will please him to know he was not being watched while doing this dirty job. These duties should not be done under any supervision and most would not like an audience. Thank you for your time.
  12. No way was that u Gizmo......talk about a small woodlot.....LOL...LOL:biggrin: :biggrin:
  13. How about when your out deer hunting, and the Squirrels are climbing up and down your tree, but if you were hunting them, you have to kick the deer out of your way to find them.
  14. How true!!!
  15. :tongue: I think you're all alone on that one gizmo. At least I hope you are.