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Did you girls go fishing?

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by Scott Werstler, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. Couldn't make it to work Tuesday, so I went to the pond fishing instead. Fishing was pretty good. I don't have a shanty so it was tricky detecting bites at times, but some fish made it into my box. The snow skimmed the hole over, but the fish kept it cleared as I hauled them in. As I pulled them out.....I looked left.....I looked right.....but I was the only one on the ice. 410 was no where to be found, some die hard.
  2. I know you're not referring to me, as I'm not a girl, but yes, I've been fishing every day...

  3. Well Scott all the times you been going to work I have been on the lake, only a IDIOT would be out in that weather. OH I forget some of you do have jobs. Scott your the boss and if you didn't go to work your should been FIRED. I all most forget HELL YES you went to the pond it is only about 75 yards from you house.
  4. Looked closer to 70 to me...:cwm27:
  5. Ah yes, the blizzard did not prevent the almighty from braving the elements..... Results were not great, but fish were caught- of the blue gill variety.
  6. The Almighty?? Umm, he's the one that brought the freakish weather...not the knucklehead fishing IN it.........
  7. Did you catch anything unmighty Dean Weiner?????