Digi Cam Fun!!!

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by Gunfighter45, May 24, 2007.

  1. Thanks I had fun doing it.... It seems to be the last time i am able to shoot for at least 2 months. I just had a Heart Attack! :(
  2. Fun stuff there........Man, sorry to hear that Gunfighter, get well soon. You've got four months to re-coop for opening day.
  3. holy smokes man
    get well...you've gotta get back by october!!!!
  4. Sorry to hear, Gunfighter; at least you're here to type that last message! Have a quick and easy recovery, man.
  5. Good luck man and take it easy
  6. wow, get well soon

    A buddy of mine had a heart attack in the beginning of bow season last year (not in the woods). Then he wanted to keep getting back in the stand. I didn't really want his blood on my hands... if you know what I mean. That was an awkward situation.
  7. Yea Its hard not to be stubborn...... But the way I figure it, if I do what im told now, i'll be able to hunt in october :)
  8. Thanks Guys for your concern, Gives me an excuse to buy a new ground blind for this year.......No tree stands for me.....LOL!