Dinner lies and tall tall tails

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  1. 410 came up with the idea of meeting for dinner up at Bill's steakhouse Sept 16th. Can we get a show of hands for those who would attend so that plans may be made in advance?

  2. It's in Bronson, MI. I'm in! [​IMG]
  3. Thanks Quail, I was just getting ready to start a thread about dinner. Come on gang we got to start some where and here is a chance to meet some of the gang. This will be our meeting in the North. Back a couple of months ago we were in the center of the state (Grant Woods Seminar). Next maybe we can meet in the south for a get together. I know gas is a little HIGH (maybe you can carpool) but this may be the last time we can get together before Goose/Duck and Deer season starts. HEY GANG lets show the other sites which is the best site. I have heard a lot about Bill's Steak House and their 32-oz steak. I know there will be a lot of fun and friendships and Yes a few lies too. HA! LETS GETTER DONE. Hey bring your pictures too (Tree you can bring a picture of the BOSS)
  4. Come on Brewer get a few of the gang together and carpool up and have fun.
  5. Sounds cool. I'll be the designated drinker.:coco:
  6. I'll go, but might have to show up late. I've got to be with my daughter at her Hunter Safety class that day in Hamilton. I'd probably be able to show up for a few cold ones later in the evening.
  7. Come on tree, you and rookie drove up to have dinner with us at Jimmy's. It's going to be fun.
  8. Haaa Haaa good one Bill. I'm thinking there is probably already a pic of the Boss hangin' up in the bar. I know there is a pic of Dean and Jimmy there...heck they're everywhere!!! Would love to come up but a little too far...heck I couldn't even get you guys to come down and fish this summer.
  9. Yeah, Brewer and Tree....after all Tucker is buying for all of us. He's even being generous enough and told us last night on chat (in between the smiley insanity) that there was no limit on what we order.

    Tucker.....What a guy...what a pal!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you Bill Tucker!!!!!!!!!!!:grouphug:
  10. Canada!!!!

    Sounds great... But in CANADA!!!! Hell you need a passport To eat There:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: .................Just kiding......will keep it in mind.Maybe a Fishing trip on sunday also... make the Drive worth while:fish: :fish: :fish: Just a thought!!!
  11. Come see Tucker, Scott and Dean


    That'll make it worth your while.