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Dirty Tricks

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by dleslie217, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. I figure there are a lot of practical jokers among us and thought everyone might enjoy sharing and reading about some of their favorite moments. Whether you were on the giving or receiving end doesn't matter, just make us laugh.

    One of my favorites in recent memory involves my oldest grandson. All the male members of my family get together and shoot some clays at my grandsons birthday party. My grandson had gotten a new 20 gauge for his 10th. birthday and was unhappy about it, he wanted a 12 gauge. After shooting his new 20g. for an hour or so, he talked his uncle into letting him shoot his 12g. He was actually shooting well with it, but keep in mind we were using field loads. He started getting a little cocky about it and was mouthing about how well he could handle a 12 when I handed his uncle a magnum turkey load and told him to slip it in and we would see how he liked it. He did and the results were fantastic, when he pulled the trigger on the turkey load he just about chit his pants. Never knocked him down but his eyes were the size of saucers and he was holding the gun at arms length asking what happened. His Dad just walked up to him and said "welcome to manhood son, do you still want a 12g.", he did not, said he was quite happy his new 20g.

    The next year my sister-in-law shows up at the party with her .410 and proudly walks up to the firing line and starts blasting away. Well, after going through a box of shells and still not scoring a hit she wanted to know what she was doing wrong. I quickly told her she was doing everything right, just shooting the wrong gun. I explained to her we were shooting larger guns that had shells that contained more shot, this is why we were able to score hits and she couldn't. I suggested she try one of my grandsons 20's. She took the bait and started blasting away.....she actually hit a couple and was more than eager to try a 12g. when one of my son-in-laws made that suggestion, the trap was set and after a few rounds of field loads, out came a turkey load !! .....My grandson handled his initiation much better than did my sister-in-law. I think it was a week or so before my wife even spoke to me, the women failed to see the humor in what had just happened, but all the guys did !!
  2. Hahahaha Thats Hilarious!!!! On Both Counts!!!

  3. When sitting in the goose blind with my partner I've been known to mess with him sometimes, all in good fun of course.:tongue: I'll say a basic one I'm sure some of you have heard about before. While your partner goes to adjust decoys/take a whizz in the brush/ anything outside the blind whatever, and leaves his gun, I'll take the chambered round out. Now, just wait on the birds and enjoy the look on your buds face when he hears a "click". Of course, I never shoot when I do this because I'm trying to hold back extreme laughter on my part to not give it away. I've shot before but then they get REAL mad.:evilsmile
  4. Don't be getting any ideas Tree !!! :idea:
  5. Fishing in OR while wading, dropped a 10 inch crayfish down my Nephew's waders, while he was still wearing them.
  6. My cousin put in a new pond (this was before I had one) and was always talking about it. On and on about how big his fish were going to be, how big they were getting, how he knew what he was doing, etc, etc.

    Well, I go fly fishing and catch about 10-12 golden shiners. Then I let them sit in a bucket and die. After making sure they were all dead I sneak over in the middle of the night and dump them into his new pond. Imagine his reaction to learn that his pristeen new pond was already contaminated with shiners. I let him go for about 1 week before I told him what really happened.
  7. VERY NICE..!!! :biggrin:
  8. How long before he invited you over to fish his new pond ?? :fish2: