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DNR Checks

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by Bigbass101, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. Just want to remind those venturing out to go fishing. Don't leave your license at home. It may be winter around the country, but the Dnr still checks for licenses. While we were out ice fishing yesterday. The Dnr pulled up and went around the lake checking for fishing licenses and illegal fish. He was very careful in matching up driver licenses or picture id's with your fishing license. Went through our bucket to make sure we didn't have anything illegal.

    Some folks get upset about this when being checked. Myself, I love to see it! It means our Dnr is staying on top of things. Making sure there are no illegal fish being taken out of the lakes. Such as undersized bass, or exceding limits of fish that have daily limits.
  2. Shouldnt you be checking the fish prior to putting them in the bucket? Just an observation.

  3. what's in your bucket??

    There's a thought, next time I get checked I'll tell the C.O. "You don't have to bother checking my bucket I already did..." 10 will get you 20 He'll check anyhow!

    I agree however, you must know what's in your possession.:coolgleam
  4. I have been checked on the river here hunting before, it seemed more like a FBI search. I sure would not want that job though. Knowing that everyone has a gun, you just never know who you would run into. Hats off to you dnrlawman
  5. Right, it was a joke....just giving him a hard time. Nice to see the guys are still hitting it hard. A visit from your local CO should be a pleasant experience.
  6. i would like to get checked everytime i get out on the water, hard or soft. that way i know i am getting my moneys worth.
  7. Glad you cleared that up.:bonk: I was beginning to wonder if I had misjudged you guys.;)

    What Indiana needs is more funding to maintain these fisheries. It's nice to see some of the N.E. Indiana launch ramps finally getting a face lift. Some were in really bad shape. Now if we can just get you guys to start hammering those jet skiers during the summer month's. Talk about some violator's. Not all, but enough that I see it often every summer. Racing through no wake zones, buzzing with-in a couple feet of your boat spraying water at you, etc. etc...

    I put a bug in the ear of the last dnr guy I met on Hamilton Lake. Can't tell you how many times I've seen those jet skiers going back into that new Crystal bay area and raising a rucus. It's all no wake. Every once in a while, you will see them look over their shoulder to make sure no law enforcement is around.

  8. I was in the South Bend Tribune 3 years ago from a visit with the CO. He was hiding in the bushes watching us killing ducks. A guy across the bay from us didnt like it and started cussing us. When the CO heard it he drove around to have a talk with the guy and caught him getting out of my truck. I had a flat tire and he stole about $30 in change from my glove box. Caught red handed by the CO that was there trying to catch me. As far as I am concerned they can check me everytime. I am alwys legal and you never know when they will sve you. I still have the article, if I can figure out how to post it on here I will. Could use some help posting it,,, ANYONE

    The guy did go directly to and didnt pass go,,,,,, JAIL that morning
    Hunter Harrassment, Vandalism, and B and E
  9. Good story Pigeonflier, glad to hear it all worked out for you. These are the types of stories that need to be posted!
  10. I have mixed fealings about getting checked. It is good that they are checking people, but there is 1 specific CO that knows my LTL # without looking at it because he has checked it so many times. I could go into details about our encounters, but that would be unprofessional of me since I work in local law enforcement, and have to work with the guy on occasion.
  11. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem being checked I too would like to see the DNR staff every public lake with a C.O.!
    And there are Good ones and Bad ones in every profession, and every sport.

    Typically however, we tend to judge them all by the goofy ones we encounter.

    That's our bad! Because once down at Salamonie, We were checked second in line as we were just going out, and the C.O. who stopped us was professional, and cordial. Then, when everything was found to be in order, He told us where the guys who he had just checked had been catching nice crappies:cwm27:
  12. That is true. MOST of them are extreamly nice, and helpful. You just occasionaly run into one who assumes everybody is doing wrong even if they check out OK. I guess that even though it sucks running into them it is good to have the dificult ones around because they do the most to curb the poaching.
  13. Once I got a ticket for going over 10 mph on Salamonie after sunset. I just looked at the guy in amazement. He said sunset was at 8:31 p.m. By my watch it was 8:32. He shrugged and said I was in the wrong, then wrote me a warning ticket. Another time I got cited the first year I dove hunted. I was at Atterbury and was cited for not having a plug in the gun. It was a stupid $75 offense, and worse yet I only had three shells in the shotgun. I got checked twice in an hour while fishing at Brookville and passed both times. And once while pheasant hunting at the Put'nTake at Atterbury, my son and I came upon a cock standing in an open field. It was too close to the road to shoot, so we throught we'd approach the thing and get it to fly, maybe away from the road. It did not fly, even when I kicked it. My son and I were scratching our heads when I saw a CO step out of the brush and wave us away from the bird. I thought it was shameful to be baiting hunters like that, and when I went back the next day, I saw the CO at the sign-in and told him what I thought of his setup. He told me he cited thirteen hunters the day before, all for shooting that bird from the cabs of their trucks. I shut up and went about my business. You never know who you are hunting or fishing with. Go to the Treatyline area at Brookville in March and early April and watch those guys come out of the riverbed with stringers of 40-50 white bass. Park your truck in one of the turnouts at Atterbury and see the slaughtered carcasses of five or ten coons, minus their skins and tails, their bodies still fresh and moist. Check out some of the stringers of "green perch" that shore fishermen often proudly display at Lake Monroe; they are the small perch with sharp teeth. It will make you glad, personal embarassments aside, that someone is out there regulating our tendancy toward excesses.
    One of my fondest memories is sitting with my wife in our boat near the mouth of Allen's Creek at Lake Monroe last August, enjoying a beautiful sunset as we watched the DNR pull over one large pleasure boat after another and write them up for exceeding the 10 mph speed limit after sundown. While they wrote up the offenders, bass boats ripped over the water at speeds in excess of 60 mph, some even with their lights on, trying to get to the ramp before darkness took over the lake. I learned my lessons, sometimes the hard way, and I paid my fines. I did not like it, but I paid my dues. I have seen enough of people (myself included) in the natural world to know that if the average person were given free reign of what's left of that world, there would be little difference between the American West of the 1870's and our lakes, streams, rivers, parks and wildlife management areas. I like knowing someone is out there trying to keep us from destroying our natural resources and one another.
  14. I would say that hit the nail on the head