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Dnr Firings

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I saw in the Star where Governor Daniels fired ten DNR guys, apparently department heads, and from what I could gather, he intends to replace them with businessmen. I am not sure why that would be a positive change, since business is nothing at all like government, but that aside, what would be the effects of such a move on Indiana fisheries? Any insights?
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Government is very much like business. Official change is long overdue in Indiana, 18 years is long enough. Immediately I would expect many resources to be cut, Daniels is very serious about tackling the states budget problem and doing it NOW. A few years from now with a more stable economy and possible surplus the funding for projects like fisheries will come back and probably better than ever. I do not, however, expect many handouts for these projects in the short term.
I think government needs to be run responsibly, every dime should be carefully spent for the maximum effect for the maximum number of citizens. But I question whether it is much like a business. Not every investment will have a bottom line, an easily seen profit. Many of the things we value as outdoors people would not be valued by result oriented business people. Possibly some of those department heads were sloppy managers and should be replaced, I'm not familiar enough with their work to say. But most of the dnr people I have met care passionately about our fish and wildlife resources in Indiana and want to serve us who utilize those resources:) .
Big difference in a buisness and a government. Buisness is in it to make money period. Government is in it to spend money period. It is how they spend the money that counts. Like it or not the state government does have a major role the state's economy. The state is the largest employer for Indiana.

I voted for Mitch and agree after 16 yrs a change was needed. Most of these jobs are political and those getting into these possitions know it and should expect to get the ax when their bread and butter leave. I hope the fat was teh only thing cut and not the meat. I also hope the replacements are a little leaner but I really doubt it.
If the businessman is a guy that is a very serious Fisherman and Hunter and has some sort of background experience handling a fishing and hunting type operation, then sure, if it is just some nepotism, then no, shoulda kept the other guys even if they were not the best..
Yes a change was needed. I will give Mitch exactly four years. If I dont like what I see, he wont get my vote the next time around. Us fishermen and hunters out there have to vote our sport!
Thanks for Responses

Thanks to everyone who responded to this thread. In every response I could see some of my own responses to the situation. I expecially agree with the last sentance of Rico's response: as hunters and fishermen we must vote to support our sports, regardless of party.

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