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Do You Use A Decoy?

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by MI Duck Hunter, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. I do and last year set it in stone that I will be using one every time I go out.

    Last year just as the rut was beginning to kick in, I placed my doe decoy in a soybean field about 30 yards from where it butted up against an uncut corn field. It was about 45 minutes before dusk and I had just been busted by a nice looking 8 point. I looked down the edge of the cornfield and saw a doe come out of the corn about 80 yards out. I started looking back to find out where the 8 point was, nowhere to be seen. I looked back at the doe feeding in the beans and was thinking that she looked kinda big. She lifted her head and I noticed that wasn't the same deer. This one had a rack! I pulled out my grunt call and gave a short, soft grunt. He looked at the decoy and went back to eating. Also, he was up wind of the decoy, so the lightdays panty liner that I stuck on the decoy,s rump and soaked with doe in heat scent wasn't helping. I adjusted my call to a young buck and grunted again. This time I got this bucks attention. I could see his neck brissle and his back arch as he started towrd my decoy. He was looking for a fight. He came in on the far side of my decoy, about 20 yard from it, working his way down wind of it. Now I could see he was a heavy racked 4 point that I fingured at the time was about 3-1/2 years old. He came in from behind and got a good smell of the scent. His attitude suddenly changed and he was getting happy feet. Before he could mount my decoy I let an arrow fly and it found it's mark through his heart.

    The combination of a Grunt Call, a Decoy and Scent made it all come together. Most of all, having a visual along with the call encouraged him to walk 80 yards across and open field to investigate.

    I will write my second decoy story later.

  2. Ok, here is story number 2.

    I was hunting on the same piece of private land, but this was about a week later. I had my decoy standing about 10 yards in a hay field quartering away. I was about 10 yards deep in the woods. About 30 minutes until dusk I heard the distinctive sound of a deer walking in from behind me, from the down wind side of the decoy. As I turned slowly my head I see an 8 point making his way toward the decoy. This was a different 8 point than I has seen earlier in the pervious story. He stopped on the edge of the hay field, but still in the woods, scent checking the decoy. He was offering me a perfect unobstructed broadside shot at about 12 yards. I took a quick glance around to see if there were any other deer that might catch my movement and I saw a 6 point coming in on the same trail. The 6 point was far enough away to allow me to come to full draw without being seen. I drew my bow back, took one last look to see the 6 point stop about 20 yards behind the 8 point and my arrow inadvertently released. The arrow flew clean of the bow and struck a tree 5 yards in front of me. All I could see was bolting bucks. I instantly thought I must have hit the trigger on my release. I felt I still had enough time for another buck to come in before the day was over and I retreived another arrow from my quiver. Before I could get my arrow nocked, the 8 point was back. This time he was looking up at me and then at the decoy. I thought to myself... what did I have to lose. While he was looking at me I drew my bow back once again and set my pin about 3 yards in front of him and reminding myself to stay away from the trigger. All I needed now way for him to turn and give me another broadside. As he was looking up at me, my arrow once again released and hit the ground right in front of him. The 8 point almost rolled over on his back trying to get out of there and never to be seen again that season. I then climbed down, retreived my 2 arrows and drove to Gander Mountain and bought a new release. I guess at 7 years of regular use a release will eventually fail. I do know that if it wasn't for the use of the decoy and doe in heat scent the buck would have never returned.

    So I know have the visual as well as the smell and the sounds work very well and I will not change my tactics until I am forced too.

    BTW, These hunts took place in Michigan where 2 bucks in a season are still allowed. As a side note I personally like the one buck per season and taking more does for herd management.


  3. Steve

    Steve Admin Mod

    Everytime I've tried a decoy the deer seemed to be scared to death of it.
  4. Steve, do you use any scent with your decoy? I think if they can't smell it they become wary. In my experience with decoys, I have had both bucks and does approach it from down wind. One year I even had a fawn bed down next to it because I think it felt safe. Deer like humans have their own quirks. Maybe I shouldn't have been hunting in a petting zoo.:banghead3

  5. I use Renzo's Decoys on a regular basis. A majority of the does are wary of them but the bucks are either curious, and invwstigate, or ignore it totally and walk right past it. Adding some white faux fur to the ears and tail makes all the difference. In tight spots I'll use it till it can't be seen till the deer is in a shooting lane. Gives you a chance to draw. In wide open areas I make it's location much more blatant and try to draw deer in.
  6. I used a pair of Renzo's decoys last year in front of my blind. Got to watch a coyotte attack them which was fun, but haven't had a chance to see how deer react to them. I may set them out once or twice again this year. The plus side, they are sure easy to pack in and out.
  7. Steve

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    I have never tried scent with my decoy.
  8. Decoy type?

    MI Duck Hunter, what type of decoy do you use? Quaildancer and BillKay mentioned Renzo's and I'm assuming they mean the flat picture decoy (does Renzo's make another type?). I've heard of guys using the expensive Flambeau and other 3D type of decoys while others use a standard 3D target.

    I am very interested in trying a decoy during this years' rut. If an inexpensive Renzo works... I'm not opposed to saving money but if it takes a true 3D then so be it.

    Thanks for the tips.

    Hunt safe. Shoot straight.

  9. I've heard really good things about the Renzo's too.

    I had a buddy last year that drew in a nice buck. He said because of the "two dimensional quality, every time the buck would circle down wind, he'd lose sight of the decoy and finally his inquisitivenesss got the better of him and he walked right in offering a 10 yard shot.

    Would be a lot nicer packing that into the woods too instead of a 3D decoy!:evil:
  10. Only thing I drew in with the Renzo is a song dog, but it's true, when he circled to the front or back, it seemed confused that the "deer" went away, but he circled a long, long time. I do plan to put them to use some more. It also adds some visual fun for the girls when they hunt the blind with me.
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  11. I use a Carry-Lite Decoy. It isn't the easiest decoy to bring into the woods, because you have to set it up once there, but it looks good. It's another about 15 pounds to carry, but you can make it either a doe or a buck. I was thinking about putting a real doe's tail on it this year and I like the idea of faux fur in the ears. I have even had it fool a couple hunters at a distance in a field even though it doesn't move.

  12. Oh, BTW, Because they do fool hunters, I would never ise it during the firearm season. This is my disclaimer.

  13. Using decoys during firearms season is a real poor choice. Renzos only makes the 2dimensional dekes. Their buck can be used a bedded or standing buck, or with the removal of the antlers, (which can be taken off and put back on), a bedded or standing doe. Lots of options for your money. Keep scent off the decoy and add some faux fur to the ears and tail.