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Do you want to hunt Canada?

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by shootsa410, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. I am looking to do another free lance Saskatchewan waterfowl hunt again this fall. The guy I went with last year has a house up there and he is willing to let me rent it for a week. I am offering up a week (5 days) waterfowl hunt in Canada. The week will probably be the third week in September or the second week in October. The area has Canada, specks, snows, sandhill cranes and a variety of ducks. If you would like some pictures of last years hunt send me your email address and I’ll send some to you. Your cost would be share gas, hotel up & back, food (we can do our own cooking or go out to eat), house rent ($25 per night, per hunter), license and of course all the work that goes with hunting. We would need to go do our own scouting and getting permission to property access, which was not a problem the last two years I’ve been there. There is a possibility we could use his snow goose decoys but would need to take our duck and Canada decoys. I am looking to get no more than four hunters to include myself. If your interested or have any question send me an email

    Art (shootsa410)
  2. Where in saskabush do you go

    Name a city, lake or anything that i can reference

  3. Ill go but can i hunt deer with my bow while im there??? Just a thought. That will put some tasty venison next to the roast duck.... I would be supremely interested if I can hunt deer with my bow while you boys are out shooting ducks and geese..
  4. DB, the place is located about one hour north of Reginain a town called Govan.

    trdtnlbwhntr, I believe but not positive that non-residents must use an outfitter for big game. I seen quit a good number of deer last year, most were mulies.