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Doe hunting

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by WThunter, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. I personally have to thank many of you on this site, too many to name though. I was taught by older hunters to only shoot bucks. That is what I did for my first 13 seasons of hunting. This year my goal was too shoot a doe in archery season. It didn't happen though, only buttons bucks came within range, oh well. I am still an antler worshipper though. That is the main reason I haven't harvested a buck this year yet, although I have passed on many small racked deer(non mature). But to the point, I did take my first doe ever yesterday. I'm unsure really though what a big doe vs a little doe is. She weighed in at 114 pounds field dressed. She wasn't the biggest in the group of fifteen, the biggest one had a fawn behind her when I was ready to shoot, so I decided to take aim on the next largest. It was fun and exciting to kill a doe to my surprise. I will be doing more in the future for sure. Thank you to all you that helped educate me properly.

  2. Keep killing them WT. It seems that you have plenty around. You'll only benefit the herd if you kill more. You've done the first part of big buck production: passing immature bucks. You've started to do the second part: killing does. Try to target that mature doe (with fawn) next time. Don't worry about the fawns.....they'll be fine. A 114# doe is a good one, but they do get bigger. Congrats!!!!! And, wait 'til you get some of that venison on the grill........Oh Boy!!!!
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  3. Doe hunting is a blast.:biggrin: They can be challenging at times and easy to kill at other times, but they always eat good.

    Welcome to the management side my friend.:cool:
  4. That's a good-sized doe...congratulations.
  5. nice doe

    Nice doe! By the way, do you guide? I am looking for a new one:16suspect
  6. Nice pun, but im sure there was no pun intended.
  7. a 114 pd doe is a nice mature doe. congradulations. :woohoo1:
  8. Congradulations on your doe. Your taste buds will enjoy it too.
  9. What the..... If you'd plant your camo butt where I tell you you'd be tagged out by now. Guides get no respect. :coco:
  10. Guide Service

    Randy I agree. All you can do is put the guy where the deer run, you can't force him to hold the bow in his hand and be ready...
  11. Did you see the gal in the Invisable Deer thread?? She really is a guide, even owns her own huntin ranch, couldn't resist....... I had to look it up.
    Name is Marrs Bowman, 28, single and owns the McClain Bowman ranch.....all true.
  12. Yeah buddy, that is a nice sized doe. Do not let anyone tell you that hunting a doe is not tough...... Some of those girls are just as tough to get as big buck. Congratulations!!!!!!!
  13. nothing like a doe...espically for eating...they can be as challenging and wary as any buck took me a few years to figure it out but now i'm trying to lead by example...shoot the does let the young bucks walk...keep doing that one day you'll get your crack at a monster...this year two does no bucks but has been a good season and alot of hunting light left
  14. Does that include muskie guides?
  15. Your behind the times on doe hunting. If it weren't for does Weimer and Quail would never fill a tag.