Doe with a Rack!

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  1. I've heard a couple of reports of a doe with a 9 point rack that was taken in Montezuma, Indiana. Has anyone else heard about this deer? JoshS are you out there, you're from 'Zoomtown???
  2. I've seen "does" with giant racks too over the years.........Sorry!!!:help:

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    But the question is Deano, did you ever tag any of them?......:tongue:
  4. yes they were talking about it at work today. it was said by the dnr it is the first on killed in Indiana. They said the DNR had a bioligist come out and look at it. Ill post a picture of a deer a lady hit and gave to one of my friends last year. It was an awsome nontypical still in velvet, it was hit in late october. He said it had both male and female parts, no testicals though.
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  5. That's a better contest idea than the one you had about who had the biggest dripper. :biggrin: