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Does anyone hunt starke county?

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by Buckhunter, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. :help: Does anyone hunt Starke County. I have a new 230 acre farm this year and the deer seem to be scarce although I have been able to take a doe. The farm is mostly corn with about 90 acres of woods. I'm hoping my sightings increase when the corn comes down but it has been extremely slow so far. Does anyone know what the deer numbers are actually like in this area I hear they are high but I have not experienced it yet. :bonk:
  2. Did u buy the farm or just leasing it?

  3. Never deer hunted down there but I have a turkey spot down there I hunt.I am just north in La Porte Co. Starke is loaded with deer& turkeys. If you have already bagged a doe, stick to what you know and I'm sure you'll be fine. What part of starke are you hunting?
  4. I hunted Starke County for years growing up, but then moved away about eight years ago. Now I just get a chance to come and hunt when I see my parents. I will be up there hunting Nov 1 - 5. Hopefully the big boys will be in the rut.

    My opinion is to hunt the fence rows. Best time is when the field is just broke open (end rows picked off). Is your property muck or high ground?

    Last year my buddy took a pretty nice seven pointer, but the area where we hunt had already produced 2 about 150 class bucks.

    What area of the county is the property?
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  5. The property I lease is a couple miles east of Knox and just south of route 8. Moved a stand yesterday from just inside the woods off a crp field to all the way back along the yellow river. I did this while it was raining and hunted it this morning. At first light I had a small 5 pointer come directly under my stand and about an hour later 3 does swam across the river and came under my stand. My partner was hunting a stand where the corn, woods and crp all meet and he seen two does and a small forkhorn. Most action yet on the farm. I,m hoping the slim sightings are because of the large amount of corn and the deer are just sticking to it. The property is mostly high groung exept for some low lying areas next to the river.
  6. My fiance is from knox and i have a friend that hunts in Knox. It seems once the corn comes off the deer are very numerous. Stick to it... with the low river bottom you have a natural funnel and with the high wooded ground you have bedding areas. Youll be fine just hunt smart and hard and youll see the deer start coming around once the crops fall.
  7. You are in a pretty good location. I take it is some where just west of 23. It took me a couple of minutes to recall the area.
    The bucks will stick to the cover of the corn until it is picked. If you could find out when the corn is going to be picked, that would be the prime time. If the corn field has a pivot, look for the road that leads to the center of it, I have seen a lot of deer that way.
    They will be a lot more active in a couple of weeks. The rut will kick-in and the corn will be picked.
  8. Hang in there, standing corn can make hunting deer frustrating. Where I hunt, i have 3 giant corn fields on 3 of the 4 sides and as of last week they were still standing. This is a reason why i started waiting until later in October to start deer hunting. 2 years ago when the corn was up like it is this this year, i hunted for 2 weeks and seen a total of 3 deer. 3 days before Halloween all that corn was picked and i had 13 deer under my stand that night. It will get better.
  9. I agree 100%. This year the land I hunt has a large set aside field where deer usually travel between bedding/feeding was turned into corn, and my sightings have dropped dramatically. I walked the entire edge of the corn yesterday though, and it is TORE UP with deer tracks. As soon as that corn comes down, I'm sure things will be right back where they were....hang in there.

    In my opinion, I'd just assume have the corn up until the chasing phase starts. Keep the deer in my area! :evil: