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does anyone know yet

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by coonslayer21, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. which areas in indiana will be open for fall turkey hunting. also i have never really turkey hunted before, so how would you go about hunting them in the fall.
  2. Fall turkey hunting

    I have heard that one way to hunt turkeys in the fall is to bust a flock, sit up and attempt to call them back in to you. An assembly call would be needed in this situation.

  3. I have talked to some guys from different states and they pretty much agreed the best way is to bust the flock, or hunt them about like deer. Know where they feed and roost and sit up at or in between them. They said to not call aggressive just give some yelps and clucks.
  4. Several of deer seasons ago one morning i had a real nice turkey right under my stand less than 10 yrds. broadside a perfect shot too, but i couldn't take it. Man i was thinking to my self there my thanksgiving dinner IF only we were aloud to shoot a turkey during the fall. As the turkey passed on i noticed several more further in the woods, it sounded as if they were scratching the ground. So what are some of the food sources that they use during the early fall? :whistle:
  5. Last bow season I watched at least thirty birds a night in a alfalfa field I was hunting. Turkeys eat pretty much anything. The last turkey I got had a stomach full of nothing but grass. I've been told that they love the acorns and soy beans.