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Does with yearlings

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by LoveHunting, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. Just wanting to see what everyone's take is on shooting a doe with yearlings. I try to avoid it unless the yearlings look healthy enough to survive on their own. I'm not sure how soon deer can make it on their own...does anyone know?
  2. By October, they can make it on their own, or so I've read since I'm no biologest. I've read that come the end of October, first of November, bucks will run the yearlings off anyway. Also I've read that the button bucks have a higher tendency to stick around if the mother is taken out of the equation. If not, she'll force them to move on.

    Given the right situation, I'll arrow a doe and leave her yearlings behind.

  3. I have done it a few times, but the occasions are rare. I'd much rather wait around for a lone doe to present herself, and I usually don't have to wait too long before that happens.
  4. I wait for a lone doe as well. I know the arm chair biologist will tell me to shoot the old doe because she has passed on her genes, but I'm a little soft. I try to get those young does that were not bred last year. Sure they dress out at 110-115 lbs instead of 125-135 lbs, but I feel more comfortable.
  5. The armchair biologist was passing on the knowledge of THE Whitetail Biologist, Scooter!!! Thank You very much!!!!

    Don't worry about shooting Bambi's mother. The fawns will adjust and assimilate just fine.
  6. I did this last year with the first doe I took early season. She had two yearlings with her, I'd watched them eating acorns and browsing for 20 minutes or better before the big doe walked broadside into my lane. She sure did taste great!
  7. Typically, I will not shoot a doe that has fawns with her during the early bow season. By gun season, I feel a little different... I have read numerous articles that say fawns can and will survive if orphaned early in the season but somehow I just feel wrong in doing it.

    ...but like I said, by gun season I've rationalized it to myself that they'll be just fine. No science behind this one, just a gut feeling.
  8. I wait for a lone doe too.
  9. I have shot does with yearlings a few times. The first time I'll never forget I shot mom and she dropped on the spot. Baby kept coming back to her even after I yelled at it from my stand hoping it would leave because I was starting to feel bad. At the time I had not shot very many deer and it did not take me long to fill my second bow tag with the yearling. The next couple years I shot mom a few more times with no incident, yearling ran off with mom and I did not see them again probably because I ran them off while tracking. The last time I did it I again dropped mom in her place and both yearling kept coming back like they were crying. One of them even kept nuging her trying to get her up. By this time I have evolved from the meat hunter in my earlier years to someone who shot a doe early but then would wait for a nice buck therefore the scene displayed by the yearlings made me feel bad enough that I now wait for a lone doe without yearlings to shot.
  10. I usually try to wait till at least the third week of October before I shoot doe that still has her stragglers with her. Ive read that as soon as she comes into heat she kicks them away from her. Any truth to that? The first deer i ever had a clean shot at was a doe with fawns and I passed her because my dad had passed her up the weekend before. 15 minutes later i shot my first deer ever and it was with my pse spirit. He (1.5 year old buck) walked right to where she was and I let him have it at about 8 yards. I was 12 then and ill never forget the emotions that came with the first one. I dont know if my dad was more proud of me shooting my first one or that i passed up the doe with fawns. We still talk about to this day.
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  11. they will survive just fine kill it and grill it before they get away
  12. Call me crazy but I only take Bucks 10 pts+ or I walk- AND i FILL MY TAG EVERY SINGLE YEAR
  13. Wall hanger or nothing for first bow, when gun comes and the temps. get right for hanging for a few days(3 or 4) then it's time for taking does.
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  14. I use to be a meat hunter but Ive gotten soft on harvesting does. I will only shoot a buck now and one whos at maturity...
  15. I personally believe that harvesting for meat should be the main priority for killing a deer. I would pass the does with younguns till near gun season. However, I prefer does as the meat quality to me seems better. Yet, if a good buck comes along, great! I personally don't feel trophy hunting is ethical unless the hunter will eat it himself. i.e. shoot it and give it away to me is wrong. But that is my feelings, so I don't condemn others with other ideas. I have seen too many carcasses layin around rotten with the racks or heads missin.