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Dog Trainer nearby?

Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by ccavacini, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    I don't know if we have a trainer nearby or if someone on the site trains dogs.

    I'm finding that I'm just not having the necessary time to put my pup (8 months) on birds and work on some basic commands (almost embarrassed to admit it.)

    I am looking for someone in the area who works with pointing dogs and can keep the pup for a week or two to 1. put the pup on birds and 2. work on basic commands. I should be able to take some time off to work with the trainer and the pup.

  2. Cary, I haven't been to this place yet, but it's high on my to do list when I pick up the next pup. It's in Garret.

  3. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Keith, thanks. I'll give them a look.

  4. CCav- I have a dog from gunshot in Garrett he is amazing, The owner/trainer I deal with is Any Giegold, he is simply put GREAT. He takes them through the basics first and then puts them on birds. Whoa, here, Heal. is his 3 mastered commands.

    I know him real well, used to teach with him, helped him sell a couple of dogs, cleaned kennels ect...

    send me a pm and we can talk more
  5. Hey Doc, here is a thought about the topic. So if he does the commands then puts in birds, why does he feel he he has to have so much control? Meaning, why is he taking desire out, before its established? Why does he have to whoa a dog, "here" is plenty, .....correct....if it is heading for a dangerous situation. Is he whoaing the dogs on birds, why doesnt he let the dog do its job, and point them, whoaing on birds....makes it, him pointing, because the dogs moving, or not trusting whats been taught?? See what I am asking? Just a thought, to think about. Cya Jonesy
  6. Andy's trained a lot of pointers of guys that I work with; everyone swears by him.
  7. TailCrakin-- I like the name.

    I Think I understand where you are coming from. First off, There are many ways to train dogs and get the results you want, some guys won't like your methods or mine but utimatley if you get what you want out of the dog then thats the goal.

    I use alot of Delmar Smith's training and handling methods and Andy uses some of his techniques as well. Bu thats neither here nor there

    I have been around lots of his dogs that he owned or trained and they all seem to have great desire. I am sure there has been a dog or two through his kennels that maybe lost some desire but I havn't seen it. He will eventually reward the dog with bird if the dog whoas as its supposed to if no whoa no bird it becomes a pleasure for the dog to whoa cuz the dog knows the bird is next. Thats my thinking behind it. This doesn't take the drive out of the dog it reinforces the command and then the dogs gets the reward a bird. I beleave you can also help train a dogs scent cone this way. I see some dogs point birds under there nose time and time again, that doesn't work real good if the birds are not holding tight (my opinion) other dogs will point from 30 yds out. Saw it happen today. You can whoa a dog at the desired distance from the bird and this helps there young minds relize when I am this far away from this smell I stop. Helps in not pushing birds ect...

    My dogs as well as thousands of others will lock up with out the command being taught. But I have whoa'd my dogs plenty of times on a runin bird to get the situation back into my favor, cross a fence or ditch buddy trying to cut off a bird and not let dog push it ect...

    Now I have hunted with dogs that were never taught whoa and they seem to have killed plenty of roosters of them, I am not sure there is a right and wrong way.

    I shot 8 chukkars today in the fields and never whoad the dogs once but if the wild rooster is running ahead I sometimes will try to handle the dog to put myself in a better situation.

    Again I don't see a drop in desire, my two are full of drive, desire or whatever you want to call it.

    Just my two cents, I am sure someone else can answer better than I and I am sure Andy could explain it differently with more detail ect. but that is how my small brain has processed the info.

    What do the rest of yall think about teaching a dog "whoa"

    Whoa is a hard word for me to type for some reason???
  8. That is probably b/c you have had a couple!!! Lookin forward to the beast feast this weekend! I have been behind DocHoliday's dogs and believe you me, he is being very modest in how well his are trained. He definetly knows what he is talkin about.
  9. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    I've never had occasion to use whoa with my older Britt. If I want her to stay (crossing a road, etc), I'll just say "stay" and she'll sit till I release her.

    Never been able to get her off a running bird. Sometimes I have mixed feelings about the whoa command.

    She's steady on point...won't move even if you walk past her.

    I guess you choose your battles when you train a dog.

    I teach my dogs to sit...many say you shouldn't. People are afraid they'll sit in stressful situations or when they go on point...I've never experienced this.

    I want my dogs whistle (beep on the collar) trained.
    I want them to come when I call them.
    They'll find the birds on their own....which is the problem...the more birds they're on, the more the light goes on.
  10. Cary, I agree on teaching pointers to sit. I've also heard people comment against it, but then I also keep my dogs in the house, they need good mannors all the time or my wife would choke me first and the dogs after. The sit command never has been an issue in the field, and sometimes comes in handy (ie, getting gear out of the truck, knowing the dog will stay put). With my GSPs in the past, I also used them for retriever work, and the Sit is needed!

    For the whoa command, again I've found it more useful around the house than in the field. Everytime the dog would want to follow me through a door, like getting a screwdriver from the garage, just a quick Whoa and they'll hold in their tracks without following me out the door. I know a "stay" would work as well, but there's something about the Whoa and a quick hand signal that just always made them stop on a dime.

    Let me know what you choose to do for a trainer with the new pup, just curious on how things go for you.