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Dogs in the deer woods!!!

Discussion in 'Questions about Indiana Hunting/Fishing Laws' started by rackstalker, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. The last several weekends that I have hunted I have had neighbors dogs in my woods jumping up deer. Its more than frustrating when you sit there 5 hours in 20 degree weather waiting on primetime 10am-2pm and all i see is white flashes being chased by dogs. I need some helpful tips on combating this problem. Its not like im hunting urban, this is hilly southern Indiana ridges about 200 acres worth with farmland all around me. I cant hurt a dog but I would like to keep them off of my property. Someone suggested a paintball gun. They said this would show the owner of the dogs that they have been in trouble. In past years i have got the dogs to come to me and i have duct taped notes to the owners on the dogs. That worked for awhile. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks guys!
  2. interesting question although i don't really have any ideas. be interesting to see what people come up with.

  3. dogs that dont stay home cant be taught to stay home if the owners dont care, even if you were able to harm these dogs, next season, his new pups would be doing the same thing, don't know what to tell you...have the same problem here occasionally...
  4. Dogs are supposed to be kept on a leash, in a pen, or in the house. If they are out running around it is apparent the owners do not care about them. If the problem persists shoot them.
  5. As far as I know you can shoot dogs on your property, or as the agent of the property owner. Best not to tell anyone about it:16suspect Some people are pretty touchy about their dogs. wouldn't want to shoot someones hunting dog that had gone a little astray
  6. Dogs are bad in the woods. I hate to shoot them but if it comes down to it they must go. Hell Eric shoots cats too.
  7. Fedral cats...not someones PET there is a difference....;)
  9. most counties have ordinances against dogs running at large so check the county you hunt in...if your's prohibits loose dogs i suggest reminding the owner of this and if they continue to run through your hunting woods then there is nothing wrong with destroying them...and feral cats are worse than coyotes espically on the bunnies so if you see one of those take it out...:evilsmile
  10. This is such a touchy issue. I've been reading everyone's posts to see the reaction. In my opinion, bottom line is... you hunt on someone else's property you tolerate his and his neighbor's dogs.... you're his guest. You shoot...or are suspected of of their dogs and your gone.
    In 25 years of hunting the area, we've only shot at one dog... that was this year. My bro and his buddies did not recognize the dog and checked with the farmers. Twice during bow season, after shooting the deer, the dog had found the deer before they did. Luckily little damage was done to the first...the second was more torn up.
    On my own property or especially on public land...I would not be so patient.
    I forgot to mention...the dog never made it to deer number three...boom!
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  11. Are there tags on the dog? If so I'd do everything in my power to locate the owner and have a talk with them. If it continues....I'd probably try to shoot with a pellet gun first to discourage. If the problem continues after that....I'd probably put it down for good. I hate to say that, but if it's truly someones cherished pet, they wouldn't let it run wild on others property.
  12. If they don't have a collar SHOOT EM.........i would, then hide the evidence. ;)
  13. i'm a firm believer in this also
    i have an outdoor dog i think the owners are responsible for the dog at all times if they choose to let them roam around they take the chance of not coming back home if i see a dog running deer i will try to take it down they can be alot more dangerous to you, your kids and the deer heard they will turn wild
  14. My farmer said if I do to get a shovle and take care of it.
  15. This is such a touchy subject.

    Personally, I've only ever shot two dogs, in both instances it was with a 20 ga that had shot in it and both just got their back sides peppered as a warning to never come back. Neither ever did to my knowledge.

    I've been deer hunting and had a dog or two come through. Every time it has happened, I've gotten aggravated, but I tell myself it was probably some kids. I always just try and get there attention and tell them to get out of here. Usually works.

    Now if I had a problem dog that was doing damage, then I'd practice the 3-S's without hesitation.

    Cats ... well ... I hate cats. They usually take a dirt nap if they come around while I'm out hunting. Sorry if that is not P.C., but it is the way it is when I have a bow in my hand.