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Donating Your Harvest...

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Gizmo, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. I like many of you donate 1-3 deer per year. I always fill my freezer and then do my part in deer managment. You can drop these deer off at butcher shops or processors. I would like to think that the needy people that get the deer get all the backstraps and that none of the meat is wasted. So a few years ago I started cutting up deer myself and delivering them to familys that I meet through out the year. It makes you feel better knowing that no meat was wasted and that the people you give it to will get every cut.

    Also, I know alot of families that dont like charity but really need it. It feels good to know you are helping someone that needs it. I guess this time of year just brings out the softer side of me.
  2. love without compasion is dead. and you my friend are very much alive. great job.

  3. Excellent Gizmo!

    I found a guy this fall that takes deer kills and processes them himself and donates them to the local Light House Mission. A very worthwhile endeavor.
  4. Great post.

    I have a couple people that always want a deer. One of my employees has a slew of kids so food isn't cheap, so he gets the first deer after I've put one in the freezer for myself. The doe I shot a little over a week ago went to him. I butcher all my own, so I took that doe, steaked it out, made some roasts, and ground a bunch into burger. Packaged her and froze her for him. Last Tuesday I made his day when I brought in a 55 qt. cooler full to the brim with some prime deer meat for his family.
  5. That's what hunters should be about. Could be the best defence for all the Anti's of the world.
  6. I know that the FHFH grinds all of the deer into burger. Yes, even the's easiest if the soup kitchens just get burger. Burger can be used for so many different things. I, and some of my hunting friends have volunteered our time to help skin deer and process meat at D&D Meats outside of Garrett here. And yes, it's a good feeling knowing that needy folks are getting nutritious venison this time of year.
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  8. I donated a doe I took this year to FHFH in early archery.
  9. What needs to be done to donate these deer to the processors? For example (Skinned, de-boned or just field dressed). Does the individual have to pay for the processing? Where is the closest accepting deer in regards to Indianapolis and are they still accepting? I applaud you guys' efforts
  10. The only thing you have to do is field dress, skin the deer and fill out information when you take it in. Although you can pay them their usual fee to skin the deer themselves. They will take care of the normal fees though.
  11. Does anyone know of any processing buisnesses around the Columbus area?

  12. Dirty, I do know that FHFH (Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry) accepts deer without a cost. However, I do hear that some lockers may only be able to accept free deer if funds allow it. The one here in Garrett had a fundraiser prior to the season and a lot of the dollar$ raised went to the processing costs of D&D processing. The FHFH in your area may or may not have already accepted its allotment of free deer, but this is merely an assumption on my part. I think you can do a google search and find the nearest one to you around Indy there. Good luck.
  13. If anyone lives around the shelbyville area, there is a processor that will take your deer and process it for Feed the Needy for free. I think its a great idea to help out anyway we can. I see no different than putting our change in the Salvation can or the plate at church, we should help out all we can. How could it be better, we get to do what we love and help others out.
  14. Thanks for the correction Dean. I don't know a whole lot about it. I just know the info. I got from takin my deer in.