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Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by rico, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. Took a swim here in Kosciusko County yesterday. I hope everyone had a safe and productive ice season. Putting up the ice gear and getting the mushroom stick out. Take care you all!!
  2. Rico, I called it after the rains last week, I'm too old and fat to be out on that stuff!.
    Glad we had an Ice season this year... Looking forward to some open water & mushrooms now as well!

  3. Think I'm done on the ice as well. I've fallen through enough times in my career...
  4. You guys both proved one thing..........."it" does float. I notice no one melted away.
  5. Internet tough guys...:rolleyes:
  6. Who said I floated there Cuz. I sank like a rock. You need to try might enjoy it!!!!!!!! The next thing you will be riding me about is mushrooms!!!!!:evil:
  7. I think I'm done unless I decide to drive north a few hours- got that Michigan nonresident fishing license :)
  8. I finnished tonight

    My son and I cought 59 mostly 9" gills on a small lake near Kendallville last night. I went to shipshewana Lake this afternoon and ice was fading fast, but there was still 8 or 9 inches of crystal ice. The wind was blowing about 30 miles an hour and almost imposible to fish with a wire. I cought one 8 1/2" gill and a few small ones and quit early. This is my last day. Ithink it will be too risky tomorrow. On to soft water fishing. Ron
  9. I was done Friday. I had a okay year, wasn't great but had a few good days. I enjoyed every minute of it though.
  10. thats why i dont even fuss with ice fishing...

    I have a cabelas big game hunter alaskan adventures if i get the ice fishing bug haha
  11. Call me Frank .... or Shirley..... I'm getting out a couple more times.....
  12. Make sure you leave word where you're going, and when you expect to be on and off the ice...

    All in all we had a decent year got to break in my new Shappell DX 4000... Nice and roomy, my new Mr Buddy heater (which I got for cheap do a search for the post on here they work great!)
    Had several nice messes of Specs and Gills... Life is Good!
  13. not me

    got some yesterday will go again and take less stuff each time


  14. That's a nice way to finish off the season!
  15. Hey Rico, Ask Scott about getting wet, He sink pretty good too, up to his knees. HA HA