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don't any of you wish you could hunt more than deer

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by oldbuckkiller, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. oldbuckkiller

    oldbuckkiller Banned

    I have one question don't any of you get tired of hunting whitetails and wish we had more to hunt i know i do. it just seems you get to know all a whitetails tricks and then it's to simple to hunt them. what do you guys think.
  2. Uhhhhh....I don't think we ever totally figure out a whitetail and it is never easy. But yes, I do wish we had more big game to hunt around here. I would prefer bear as my next choice to hunt. I have never done it but sure want to.

  3. Rowdy


    If you have figured out whitetails, then why have you only killed little fork horn and basket rack yearlings. I have read alot of your posts, I think if we had bears here in Indiana and you hunted them, we would be watching "GrizzlyMan part 2" this fall.

    Oh, by the way, I saw your website....pretty sweet. If I kill a new state record what will you charge to do the mount? Where do you get those sweet pre-made glue on deer ears?

    You look kinda familiar, were you in Deliverance?
  4. Killing Indiana deer did get to simple for me, then I started holding out for bigger deer each year. Then what do you know, I never got to kill any because there was none that were big enough for me. So, yes I got tired of not having action. You want to make it exciting again, go try Illinios.. Or try and talk treehugger into sharing his spot :lol:

    Or better yet, switch to waterfowl... Once you go QUACK, there is no coming BACK.... :lol: Its a very rare day on the water when I dont have any action
  5. unless you hunt over bait piles or have mentally challenged deer i don't think their easy. mature bucks are never easy. especially with archery. i've heard spotlighting at night is easy, but yes i do wish we had other big game. do you turkey hunt?
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  6. oldbuckkiller

    oldbuckkiller Banned

    i didn't get a chance this spring but i will hunt what ever walks creeps and crawls this earth that i can eat. i just wish i could get all my bear hunts booked i have four left i guess i will go without a fellow hoosier.
  7. what outfitter do you use? what is the success rate? what is the average weight of the bears? what are the average age of the bears taken? what's your weapon choice?
  8. How many hunts do you have booked to go along with the 4 still left?
  9. I just wish we could really hunt cartoon animals...fuzzy bunnies, skunks that speak French...oo la la, wish twer it could be.:coco:
  10. Well I do not wish to hunt any big game but deer. Every time I am out it something different to test your mind if you have one. I have hunted bear and what a laugh, on your way to camp we stop at the store and got donuts and the ones we didn't eat we but in a barrel which was shot full of hole and waited for the bear to show up and when he put his head in the barrel for a donut the man said now you can shoot him. Well I told him lets get the hell out of this tree and go to camp and we left camp and I went back home. It cost big money to see something put it's head in a barrel and you then shoot him. And by the way this bear had two cubs with her. If you call this fun then your sicker than I think you are. You will never see my name on your list to go hunting any where and matter of fact you will never see me with you alone. I read your threads and I don't know why I put a post on them. I think you are a little off. Sorry but thats the way I feel
  11. if i get a hernea from laughing so hard it's your all's fault.
  12. Silly Wabbitt..........:dizzy: !!!
  13. Dang Bill...suddenly bear hunting lost it's luster. A stop at the Dunkin' Donuts and your ready to hunt? Jim Shockey makes it look so much more exciting. Shooting a bear with cubs is not ethical in my book. Sounds like you weren't with a very good guide/camp on your trip. Sometimes we don't know until we go and a trip like that is too expensive to take chances on. Doing a lot of homework before taking a trip is just as important as having your gear ready for the trip. Hopefully if I ever get to go on a bear hunt it will be a better experience.
  14. I have hunted antelope in Wyoming and black bear in Newfoundland....once each. I would like to have more options for big game in Indiana just so I didn't have to drive so far, but the challenge is in the hunt no matter how big or small the game. With varmints, crows, coyotes, geese, ducks, squirrels, rabibits, carp, gamebirds, deer, turkey and whatever I forgot, you can hunt almost year around in Indiana. In one day with my brother about 12 years ago we killed several geese and ducks parked the boat got out the muzzleloaders and killed a couple of does. It doesn't get much better than that. Each type of hunting has its own challenges. Besides, I always enjoyed being out no matter what I was hunting.
    B.K...before kids...I did it all. Now I barely get out at all so it doesn't make any difference.
    By the way, I did not kill a bear and it was over bait. We didn't stop at Dunkin Doughnuts because we were eating a full breakfast and steaks for dinner at the lodge. I still had a great trip and my brother arrowed a monster that has been taking up enough room for a couch in his living room since.
  15. We are going on a bear hunt in september of next year. Did you just not kill a bear because you didnt see any big enough or just because you were never offered a shot at one? I am curious to know what i can expect once I get there.