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Don't forget the meeting!

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by JohnSmiles, Feb 10, 2007.

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  1. The hearing will be held Tuesday, Feb. 13 at 6 p.m. (EST) at the Garrison Conference Center at Ft. Harrison State Park in Indianapolis.

    Now, I can't actually state I am for this proposal, or it will be closed once again, if I am understanding the policy in place here.
    And I probably can't mention it is concerning straight walled pistol cartridges being used to hunt deer in Indiana.
    Thankfully most of you already know that much.
    But I can remind you to be there. . . .
    . . . I think.

  2. not Talking Bad about this site are you...:coco: :cwm27:

  3. i vote to close this thread
  4. I vote that anyone who is trying to start trouble with MODS be given a strike. There is nothing unfair going on.
  5. I guess you don't believe in the freedom of speech. However you believe in the right to bear arms??:confused:
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  6. being in favor of that bill wont get the thread closed
    neither will you being a blatant smarta$$ (we actually encourage that sort of activity haha)
    backhanded remarks about the mods and insulting other people on this site CAN AND WILL get your threads closed.
    So feel free to continue your irish river dance of joy at the prospect of using rifles of any sort next year. Don't insult anyone and the mods will let you and the three other proponents of that bill rabble rouse to your hearts content.
  7. I "might" be there to support the rule proposal.

  8. Oh?

    THAT is encouragement?
    More like:
    "Ve have vays of makink you talk" . . .
    While I fully agree with the first statement(even though it has no bearing here), the second is untrue.
    Whether intentional or not, it is unfair.

    Backhanded remarks and insults about ANYONE, not just mods, should get your post deleted, not the thread closed.
    Just because we have those who cannot remain civil, does not mean we have subjects that cannot be discussed in a civil manner.

    . . . . speaking of insults:
    You know, maybe I really am problem child.
    Maybe I am mentally exhausted and need some heavy meds and a long rest far away from reality.
    At times it does indeed sound almost inviting.
    Now, correct me if I am wrong here, it appears to me as if you are insulting me and demeaning all those in favor of this in the very same sentence where you are also warning me I should not be insulting to others. . . . ??

    Jack, David, hope you both make it.
    I certainly intend to.
  9. I didn't see any insults to you and seen no demeaning comments to anyone.
  10. Freedom of Speech is a great thing.....I hope that rifles will never be allowed in Indiana for whitetail deer hunting. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the status quo.

    The Right to Keep and Bear Arms has nothing to do with allowing any rifle for deer hunting in Indiana. Just my humble opinion.
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  11. yes i do believe in the freedom of speech,had he have said dont forget about the meeting and left it at that it would have been fine.i do not really care one way or another on the straight cartridge issue ,i will hunt with whatever is legal in indiana .
  12. Just curious as to why you are opposed to these mid-range rifles that fire pistol rounds like the .44 Magnum? While you're correct about nothing currently wrong with using what we have now. Infact the modern sabot firing shotgun, that have a rifled barrel, are in the same class as a rifle that fires a .44 Magnum shell. In fact the shotgun sabot load is more powerful, has a much heavier bullet, and the velocity is much higher than the .44's 1,750 FPS out of a 20" barrel. Sabot slugs from a M/L or shotgun average about 1,900 FPS using jacketed pistol bullets.

    You're right here also. The right to bear arms has nothing to do with hunting.
  13. There is no need to start the ballistics information again. I understand all your reasoning on this, but allowing any rifle, I'm afraid, will only cause the wanting of all of them in the future. This is my main concern.

    I don't want to argue any longer about it....I exercised my Freedom of Speech...that's all.
  14. Dean,

    I seriously doubt if the State of Indiana would allow the use of .30-06 or any high powered rifle cartridge, fired from a deer rifle, in this state for hunting Deer. Although they currently allow these rifle cartridges to be used in handgun, which in my opinion are as dangerous as if fired from a rifle. We are ONLY talking about short ranged pistol loads that are on par in terms of range and power with what we are currently allowed by law. Ther are several states that are more crowded than Indiana that allow the use of Deer rifles, and even in Kentucky there are few accidents due to the type of firearm used. Remember ALL firearms are dangerous if misused: Shotguns, rifles, M/L's and Handguns, even BB guns.
  15. I hope you're right.
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