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Don't Forget Your 2005 Fishing License!

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You need a new license on March 1.
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already got it!!!!
And Trout Stamp

And for those wanting to fish for Trout or Salmon, don't forget your stamp, and the stamp must be signed as well as the license as a DNR officer informed me last spring....
Gald I don't have to worry but it, I am a lifetime license holder. Hunting and fishing got locked in in 2000 for the $708 price and it's great.
I have the lifetime hunting but not the fishing. I was a little short of cash when they were going to put in the last big increase. They are great. Don't have to mess with all those pesky tags. Even if it didn't save any money, it would still be worth it for the convenience.:)
I still am kickin myself in the rear for not gettin the lifetime license a few years back before the big fee increase but thats the way the crankbait tumbles

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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