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Don't tell your dog

Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by ccavacini, Dec 19, 2006.

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    Study Finds Human Sense of Smell Unexpectedly Powerful

    A new study published in Nature magazine found that humans have the capacity to track scents much like dogs, but are simply out of practice at smelling. Researchers set up a 10m-long scent trail of chocolate essential oil in a grass field and found that two-thirds of the 32 study participants were able to follow the trail using their noses alone. The team also discovered that having two nostrils vastly improved mammals' ability to identify smells
  2. I read that inthe paper yesterday, pretty interesting stuff. I think one of the things that startle them was that the use of two nostrils helped track the scent's direction, until that time they hadn't thought scenting worked that way.
    Correct me if I'm wrong.