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Dove draw results are up

Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by Hookeye, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. Are the draws for the entire season or only specific dates? I read that pigeon river it's two days but does that mean it's closed to dove hunting the rest of the season?

  2. From all the yrs I've done it, the first 2 days of dove season at certain DNR properties is by drawing.

    Some people drawn, fail to show up...........people can wait on "standby" for a chance to fill an open spot.

    After the first 2 days it's first come first serve, til the fields fill. Usually hunter numbers drop significantly, such that by 3rd or 4th day it's self serve.

    Some properties may reserve fields beyond the first 2 days (one place had a field blocked off for youth only- after the 2 day draw).

    The properties do not allow dove hunting in other areas (during the reserve days). They used to way back.
  3. First 2 days after the reserve hunts are usually good.

    Didn't get drawn last yr, went up around day 5. Horrible.
    Waste of time.
  4. Non toxic shot required. HIP number and think GBH stamp.
    50 shot limit too.
    Only certain shot sizes allowed.

    Miss the old days of lead, and lots of birds...........back in the 80's/90's.

    Good times.
  5. Really? After five days? Well I'll still give it the community college try.

    I've actually kicked up a decent amount from the tall grass while running my dog late in the season.
  6. Thanks for all of the info.
  7. Anytime man :)
    Sometimes it's not very good, other times tolerable and sometimes.........a freakin' awesome time.
    Can be crowded on standby, or maybe the numbers make for tougher draw.........but it's worth letting others know about it, even if it's "competition".

    Because it can be so much fun.

    I personally hate summer. Dove opener is the first day of my awakening.