1. Well, Dove season is just a couple months away. How are the Dove fields looking? What creative things have you done to lure Doves to an area that is not historically a Dove area?

    I have reports from the two areas that I hunt doves on that the sunflowers are about 4 feet high, and look healthy. The wheat is growing nicely, and beginning to head out.

    I am really curious how many of you guys hunt Doves. What kind of recipes do you have for these tasty little birds?
  2. Ah the doves, I cant wait. If anyone else is interested. Kankakee is the ultimate hunt. Unless you are lucky enough to have your own private field. I love them little things!!!!!!!!

  3. Last year was low on birds but two year's ago Kankakee was pack with them. :coolgleam
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  4. I kept seeing tons of doves last year here in Whitley Co.
    The bad part about dove hunting, kinda makes the dog think I'm a lousy shot.
  5. I love to hunt those doves! I had never done it until a couple years ago. I've done two seasons now. I have a great time and I've had good company to boot. The first year doves were just flat out everywhere. It was amazing, but last year it was tough to get the 8 (I think 8) I got. They taste good, but I haven't had the opportunity to really try a lot of things. I've just grilled them while they're wrapped in bacon. I don't think I need to go any farther than that! mm!!
  6. Don't feel bad...I feel the same way after every dove hunt.
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    i can't hunt them

    I don't hunt them because my dad says their gods chosen bird, but why does he say to sacrifice (kill) them. Man i'd like to go.
  8. My friend who lives just south of Liberty said the fields that the DNR planted never did have the sunflowers come up, and the ragweed doesn't look too good either. They're not even having a draw for the first day this year. Favorite recipe is using the roasting bag with included spices for chickens. The doves stay nice and juicy!
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    Ahhh, doves....4 boxes of shells....hunt....take home your two doves.
  10. That's a good day of shootin' for me!
  11. I agree with James, that's a good day of shooting, I may need to hit you up for some lessons. Just ask 410, I can't hit anything!
  12. Hell with a day like that Dean would start offering to autograph shotguns and bird dogs.
  13. I can't wait, there seems to be more sunflowers planted around my fields this year. Been seeing quite a few of them lately. Should be a good season
  14. Dove ideas

    You asked about creative things:

    I've planted sunflowers for about 8 years now.

    I try to plant in late April or early May. I spray them with Poast to kill grass and provide bare dirt underneath.

    The best plot I've had is between two wetlands. I try to mow right to the waters edge in one or two places to give them a place to reach the water.

    Starting in August I will mow and disk an area next to the sunflowers. It provides dirt and a place to find the ones I shoot (No dog).

    I drive fence posts in the sunflower plot and wire dead elm trees to them.

    This year I strung a clothes line between the elm trees about 10-15 feet up for landing place and a spot for my decoys.
  15. Now that sounds like a awesome place to be on the 1st!!!!!!!!:bowdown: