Dream Hunt or Fishing Trip

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  1. OK, we have seen many of the pics and read many of the stories of your past and most recent hunts and catches. Now I want to know what your "Dream Hunt" or "Dream Fishing Trip" would be and if you have plans to make this happen and when.

    I am wanting to go on an archery hunt for black bear in Canada. I hope to do this within the next couple of years.
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  2. Dream #1, work for a company that has a CEO with more powers of mind than to think the only way to raise profits is to cut staff...then just maybe I'ld be able to afford the pipe dream of using vacation time....

    Dream #2, he's only 45 minutes away, bedded in the same ol' thicket, and has my name all over him! This year, he won't be so lucky:banghead3

  3. Oh, Canada!!!!!!!!

    Wha? You mean there's actually a buck out there with DUMMY written all over it?? Just kiddin' Quail...I hope you get him this year.

    Being a Whitetail nut, I absolutely cannot wait to go to ALBERTA (or Saskatchewan, heck even parts of Manitoba)...perhaps in the Edmonton Bow Only Zone....and then catch trophy Walleye out of a Canadian river/lake AFTER I've tagged out on a Booner!!!!!!!!!!

    :bowdown: to GIANT Canadian Whitetail bucks!!!!!!!!!
  5. Dean you took the Edmonton Bow Only Zone right off the tip of my tongue when I saw this thread as far as hunting goes.

    For fishing, my dream fishing trip would be to accompany Kevin Van Dam to South America to fish for Peacock Bass. Talk about a pipe dream!!:coco:
  7. heard about that

    I heard about somebody spray painting "dummy" all over a giant buck in Northern Indiana. Thought it was PETA, though.:coco: (good one Dean)

    A trip to Alaska to hunt/fish for anything would work for me, about anywhere there.

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  8. Bowhunting For Elk

    My Dream, Is An Elk Hunt With Bow, In The Mountians Of Colorado. I Would Like It To Last A Couple Of Weeks, Camping With Four Or Five Good Friends, And All Of Us Being Successful.

    I Went On Such A Hunt A Couple Of Years Ago And Got Close To One. The Thought Of Being Within Bow Range To One Of Those Huge Animals, Really Gets My Pulse Up. I Tried To Do The Cheap Way Last Time, No Guide, No Horses, No Atv, And It Was Rough. Next Time I Will Pay The Money And Do It Right- Someday.
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    Dream Hunt...probably S.D. for pheasant...Texas for quail (even though I hunted quail there, it wasn't in the prime area).

    Deam Fishing--Always wanted to Bone fish with a flyrod.
  10. Deam hunt, right across from my house and a 12 or 14 pointer walking out within 25 yards. Since we are dreaming to have Scott score the deer (193) and Yes Dean writing a story about it, just better than the one that tree wrote, or maybe tree writing the story.
    Deam fishing just going to Erie and walleye fishing, That not asking to much is it?
  11. Excuse me Tucker!!!??? I WILL score it, AND do the story.....WE'll bump that score up closer to 200" for you...........:bonk: !!!!!!!! Your beloved Scooter would NEVER do that for you, and Randy would botch the story up so it wouldn't steal the thunder of "The Boss". Leave it to the pros Tuck.....
  12. See Dean...a true professional is sought out by others and need not put down the "competition" to be successful. Become the sought after and not the seeker...little weed hopper.
  13. my dream hunt would be a canadian bear hunt with archery with a 400 lb. plus or a moose hunt. oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
  14. not this september but next we have a group of traditional only guys headed to manitoba on a fall black bear hunt. Ten days of fishing and hunting. How awesome is that. Other than that I want to float the Little Delta in Alaska and find the cabin that at some point in time all of our bowhunting founders, Fred Bear, Glenn St Charles, etc etc have stayed in and take the same trip they had floating the river catching fish and hunting for anything they could find. Take a month or so to be secluded with the moose, grizzlies, and the sheep. Long dreams probably never happen but the nostalgia would be awesome. Oh well on to Canada. Gotta get to work so I can afford it. Later.
  15. Little Weed Hopper? Why, I've never been so offended.....What exactly does this mean again?