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Drury Outdoors Journal

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Main Beam, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. I am sure a lot of you guys like me check this journal to see what monsters are being taken by the Drury brothers and their contractors. If you haven't checked it out here is the link

    You will notice the month of November has the most bucks killed (not surprising).....the month of December was pretty slow. This is kind of a gage I use to monitor the dates of when big bucks are harvested.
  2. I also check their journals once in a while to see what big bucks are being downed during the season.

  3. they might have the best jobs in the world...
  4. November 3rd looks to be a popular date on there. Same day I saw more chasing than I have ever seen and my best chance at a shooter that got away.:cheeky-sm
  5. They do have the best job in the world and they get paid too. Me just been able to be out and to enjoy the outdoors is my reward. Maybe some day be the gill slayer someone may even give me a paid job. HA! A man can wish
  6. so do their journals hold more credit than a journal by bill jordan of Realtree? Just curious. Kind of makes you wonder how much money the spend on each animal they kill. Other than the ones that are on their farms. Dont get me wrong if i had to pick a single group of videos to watch it would the Drury Productions because i think they hold the most water when it comes to fair chase. Thats my .02 cents
  7. Doesnt matter how you slice it...their jobs do not suck...
  8. They are all awsome bucks. Anyone see Skyscraper get killed on this seasons episodes?