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  1. Boyz, I had an embarrassing moment at the range the other evening. The only reason I am admitting to this is for safety reasons.

    Someone stopped to chat about muzzleloading and I then proceeded to sit down and zero in to fire the rifle. Primer goes off but no bang. Did it again and no bang. Removed breech plug, no powder. Shoved rod down the barrel and the bullet with sabot is 2/3 down the barrel and I pushed it out.

    Needless to say I dry holed it. With my earlier distraction of a brief conversation, I did not load any powder but set the bullet and sabot.

    This turned out to be a great lesson. The alternative would have been to double load with dangerous results.

    Next time there is a distraction, when in doubt; I'll start over!:tongue:

    Be safe!
  2. Good tip, Rookie. I don't know if this would help in your case, but...I've feared doing something like that too so I color coded my ramrod. I took Sharpie markers, and circled the ramrod, so when I stick the rod in, I can tell if it's unloaded or charged.

  3. Safety first! I did the same as Quail on my old muzzleloader and will do the same to my Omega (when I ever get around to shooting it).
  4. Old Rook, how is the shooting going (other than the mishap)? Keep us posted on what are the best load combos you are experiencing.
  5. Actually I was afraid the color markings would come off so I put a mark with my knife on the ramrod. Better safe than sorry.
  6. Anyone ever shot a ramrod(not that I have)haha.
  7. Main Beam, I pretty much have settled on the hornady xtp 300g pushed by 100g of 777 loose powder. The shockwaves shoot pretty well too. I seem to get better groups out of a 300g vs 250g at 100 yards. Anybody else find this too?

    I've read elsewhere the only problem with the xtp is you can't push them too fast or the copper seperates from the lead. I try and keep the velocity around 1500 fps at 100 yards.
  8. I played around with the shockwaves and found that the 200 grains seem to be very inconsistent. 3 shots would be great and the 4th and 5th would be off. I am going to shoot the same as you but with the jim shockey gold loose powder. The only other thing is someone told me that when the encore barrel heats up after shooting for a while it will get off too. Any truth to that?
  9. Have any of you tried those gizmos that use CO2 cartridges to blow your bullet and powder out from the nipple or flash hole?

    I can't remove my breech plug for clearing a "dry hole". I either have to try to pull the ball with one of those silly screws, or try to fiddle-fart around and work enough powder behind the ball to shoot it out.

    I'm just wondering how well those gadgets work.
  10. I think the heat issue is true for all barrels. I noticed as our temps and humudity increased the groups get goofy. I've read where some guys south west areas ice their barrels. If my barrel starts to get hot to the touch, I'll take a 10-5 minute break.
  11. Flintlocker, apparently a lot of guys use them and they work pretty well. I have an inline so I take out the breech plug and shove the bullet out the end. I tried the screw thing once and damn near broke the range rod.:chillin:
  12. Key Holes, Dry Holed...What has this site deteriated to??? :dizzy:
  13. sounds nasty....doesn't it.:biggrin:
  14. Hey Rook, it's called Black Powder for a reason. You have to put the powder in it before it'll fire.....DUHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:biggrin: What are you, stupid or something???? :bash:

    (Love ya, man!!)
  15. Ok since we are talking about stupid things. I'll admit what I did. I had my mother (who talks a lot) and my 3 year old daughter distracting me while I was shooting my Muzzleloader. I left the ramrod in the barrel and shot it. Bad Idea! I got a bloodied nose and broken glasses out of the deal. I didn't even realize what happened until I got cleaned up and went out to reload and no ramrod. I found it sitting by the target 50 yards away. It was bent and a little shorter. Since I was still alive I decided to weigh it just for kicks. My grain scale only goes to 2000 and it was over that with the brass fitting. I confessed to the guy at Gander Mountain what I did and he said you would be surprised how often that happens. He then told me a story about a kid who shot his pappy's shotgun into the dirt with zero clearance at the end of the barrel. It flared the end of the barrel. The kid came in asking if they could fix it so he wouldn't get in trouble. kinda funny. Yea I guess don't play with your muzzle loader if there are distraction around unless you are way less blond than I am.