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Ducks Unlimited Banquet - Steuben County

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by DEC, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. I got recruited to be on the DU banquet committee this year ... lucky me ...

    Being the shameless promoter that I am, I thought I would start pimping it on here for my Steuben County fellow hunters and all neighboring county people. Actually anyone is invited.:biggrin:

    We are moving the banquet back to the Potawatomi at Pokagon State Park this year at the request of the members. It is a much better location. Also, we are completely revamping the banquet this year. A lot more guns! New games and a lot of fresh ideas.

    Please contact me if you are interested in attending (you local boys I'll be leaning on to be there:evil: ). You can PM me, or call me at (260)665-3001. See the details below.

    Thanks all and hope to see you there.



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  2. More info from a fellow D.U. committee member.

    A very cool award we give out.:coolgleam

    As an added feature. We have a Conservationist of the year award. the stipulation is that the kid must be of coolege age18-25, and have done something for the benefit of his community and the sporting world. most importantly, he must not be doing it with the expectation of getting something. No wildlife related offenses allowed!
    the winner receives a special edition over/ under DeHaan shotgun.
    Two years ago, a young man carried a handicapped hunter on his back, and had friends meet him at cross roads to warm the boy up. after over a mile of this, the hunter's deer was found dead. Last year's winner was an FFA officer at his school, and attends Purdue U earning a degree agriculture. He aided his friend by running into the school and getting a teacher to place a 911 call. The friend had collapsed outdoors. The boy then returned to the scene to see what he could do and brought another teacher to assist the teacher giving CPR . He ended up meeting the ambulance and directing it to the scene.

    Know any exceptional kids? do they live in Steuben, Dekalb, LAgrange, or Noble County?
    let me know! I'll get you a nomination form ASAP.
    our DU committee does this every year.

  3. I put a pin in this to keep it at the top for a while:coolgleam
  4. OK you Steuben Co. guys. JL, Angler, and a few others, shoot me a PM. Time to sign up for the banquet. A LOT of guns this year. Not a bunch of the crazy gold plated engraved stuff (there will be a couple if that is your thing), but real man's guns. Gun's you aren't afraid to take in the duck blind. Goose hunt package with blind and full body dekes. Custom calls, tons of great stuff.

    Best part of the night ... $5 bottomless cup of beer.:biggrin:

    PM me you guys, it will be fun.
  5. Hey, I won a DU youth fishing tournament once, and got a backpack with the green wing logo on it...any chance that can get me in at the green wing price? Do I have to bring the backpack? :evil:
  6. Um ... no.
  7. Come on Steuben Co. guys. Please sign up for this event. The ticket is in the first post on this thread. You can print it out and fax it to me at (260)668-7052. Put your credit card info on it to cover the cost. DU won't run your card until the night of the event. Hell, shoot me your info and I'll fill out the ticket info for you. PM me, Fax me, email me ( ... just get your info to me.

    Guns out the AZZZZZZZZ! Not crap guns, but some good stuff.


    OK, here is the deal. Any I.S. member that goes through me to sign up and attend our banquet, I will put your name in a hat. That member will come with me on a goose hunt on some of my ground next Sept. or Late Season. All you have to do is show up with camo, gun, and ammo. I'll provide the layout blind, the decoys, the ground, the calling, everything. I have PRIMO goose fields.

    Common guys, tons of stuff at this banquet. It all goes to an awesome cause.

  8. $5.00 BOTTOMLESS CUP OF BEER!!!!!!

    Does life get much better I ask you?:biggrin:
  9. Still time for you guys up here in the N.E. corner of the state to get your reservations in for the Steuben Co. DU Banquet. I really think this one is going to be a good one. Around 250 will be in attendance. Should be a great time. Meal, membership, and bottomless cup of beer for $45! Where else can you get all that for that price?!?!

    15 or 16 guns to be given away through raffles and games.:coolgleam

    I'd love to see a few of you there this Saturday night.:coolgleam
  10. You all missed a good one! It was fun!

    I left with a little new hardware for the gun safe ... :biggrin:
  11. Sorry I missed it Derek!!

    What did you leave with??

    Next year you have a firm commitment from me...with any luck my wife won't still be pregnant and I'll be able to make it haha.
  12. I won the sponsor gun. A Savage .17hmr. walnut stock with DU emblem in the stock. Nice gun. I already have a .17 that I like, so this one will likely just sit in the safe.
  13. NICE!!!

    those are hot little guns...
  14. Come on DEC, share the love...put it up for auction on here...if nobody is interested just send it to me...I don't have one! :bowdown: