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Early Christmas Gift

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Treehugger1971, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. [​IMG]
    Took off early and went out to get my nephew on a buck. We seen two basket racks and I told him to be patient, an hour later this nice 8 came by. By far his largest of his short hunting career. I couldnt have been happier for him. Once again sorry about the truck picture, must of kicked my camera on in backpack and the battery was dead. He got his buck on Dec. 19 at 10:45

  2. Congrats to the Nephew!
  3. Wow, what a deer! Great that you can do that with/for your Nephew.

    I see a trend here, between you and 410....I need to look for an Uncle to go hunt with.

    Uncle out there?
  4. Nice deer. just another Indiana baby though. Just kidding awsome buck!
  5. Nice Buck !! Bet you are his favorite uncle right now.
  6. Nice buck and a Merry Christmas to you
  7. Uncle Dew has a buck for you.............but I can't hunt again till 1/2/07......gonna be chasin' Whitetails in 'Bama for a bit.
  8. very nice...wish i had a stocking that would fit in!! haha
  9. I don't care where the picture is taken....that's a great late season deer.

    CONGRATS! and MERRY CHRISTMAS to your nephew!!
  10. Nice buck, Good things come to those who wait. Merry Xmas