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early scouting

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by buckmaster, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. ive been scouting every couple of weeks now and i think i am ready for next season. even found some dead does but no sheds. plus i got to re buy all my gear because some dumbass mother ****er stole my huntin pack. anybody else havin pre-season problems?
  2. havent had any problems like that no, but i was out for yotes last night, and found some deer sign where i wasnt expecting to see any. So i guess thats a good thing

  3. Working on a clearing for a new food plot, need firewood for next year, so I found a red oak top from when we logged, taking it out made a nice clearing. Just have to clean it up and it will be ready for the spraying, tilling discing and then planting.
  4. Found a few milk crates and a homemade blind on my new lease (trespassers). This neighbor also has a feeder it looks like he hunts over and has cut several saplings for shooting lanes off his property (on to my lease and the owner is a tree-nut). Needless to say, someone is going to have a bad season. You never know what you will find in a new woods (I'm kind of thankful I can carry my Glock in bow season). Otherwise, packed full of turkey and buck sign.
  5. I too scout year round... every week -2 weeks i go out and look around. Keeps me sane i guess. Puttin in a food plot for the first time this year with solo's help. hopin it will entice him to get a bite before dark come october. I use the snow to show me all the big deer trails i didnt know the deer were using. I have found a couple this year that would make a lot of sense as to why i wasn't seein the best deer activity. This was a differnet year for us because we got used to hunting the low grounds that had'nt held water for a few years... this year it did so it screwed us around a bit. Im hoping now that i will have a knowlegable setup to either condition this fall.
  6. I've been up to the in laws property north of mongo a couple times and there were tracks everywhere!! Father in law planted an acre of corn and an acre of beans and the deer have absolutely decimated the food plots, just absolutely devoured them. Thats what they are for. It was good to see that they decided to stick around for awhile...makes my finger itch just thinking about it long till bow season again???
  7. The last three years we have found marajuana plants on our hunting property. Last year we found sixty plants about 2 feet tall and shovels, hoes and a wheelbarrow. They thought they were going to have a big operation and they brought out 2 cases of Irish Spring soap and spread the bars all around the perimeter of the plants to keep the animals from eating them. We called the game warden and sheriff and they were planning on staking the field out. However two weeks later it was all under water and most of the plants drowned. The sheriffs dept. pulled the rest out. I wanted to get the Irish Spring soap out of there because I have 2 stands right in that area. So I went back there in June and found half of the bars of soap had been eaten. THERE WERE DEER TEETHMARKS ON THE SOAP BARS!!! go figure. I used Irish spring soap for a cover scent when I hunted that area. just kidding, but the thought did cross my mind.
  8. Was out last night and found some more rubs from after muzzleloader season.... that's good considering how high up the tree they went(6'+). I can't wait!!!!!!!! Kicked a doe that looked like she was pretty far along in her prgnancy. Tons of pheasants and some turkey sign (very rare round here). Oughta be another good year.
  9. I have been out almost every weekend looking for sheds and just scouting around. With all the rain we have been getting down here (gibson) it has been really easy seeing all the deer trails. Just bought a trail cam and setting up a feeder. Very excited about this coming bow season.
  10. Big on my list is getting shooting lanes cut,which I've been doing ,it got way out of hand where I couldnt realy see well or shoot,I started in a 20 acre brushy pasture that is getting to be a forest.Got a tripod stand I need to get up to get where deer are .Another biggy is maintaining a presence because I got another guy trying to push me out,the farmer gave him permission too,the guy had the next farm from me but wanted mine too,he 'posted'signs by my house,my stands,above my stands,tried to dislodge my tall ladder stand,moved my decoy in off season I was useing to get cam shots,you know,one of those newcomers ,Ive been there 25 years.
  11. saw a buck and 5 does this week in my area the buck has already started his new rack nubs about an inch already this buck looked as though he would dress over 200ibs can't wait
    been shooting my new bow with the warmer temps I LOVE IT
  12. was out for abou 3 hours today attempting to map trails i didnt know about and the new places the farmer has cut the fence to make a short cut to the other side of the woods.... Goldmine!! :) got my tree picked out already for a new corner and starting to clear some new spots out.
  13. Went out the morning and watch a few deer and a whole lot of crows in the field, also put out a few Trophy Rocks and a bag of Kelp Meal for the Deer, they need extra salt and minerals after the winter due to the cold and cover of food. The herd looked good thanks to a farmer who left a few acres of corn standing. NO SHEDS FOUND. had to leave the woods due to rain.
  14. Now what's rain got to do with anything?

    I saw 12 in your area last Sunday about 8:00 am. They were close enough to the road I could tell a couple were bucks, no antlers.