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Early season scents, calls, and what have you...

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by BuckStopperXL, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. Just wondering what everyone's suggestions are for early season use of scents and calls. What kinds of scent should be used when and which calls bring the deer in?? Is it too early for a certain call or scent?
  2. Mrs. Doe Pee's Doe in Estrus works every day of the season. Seriously, try'll find out that a real deer urine will work excellently. Just because does might not be in heat yet doesn't mean that a buck won't respond to estrus urine. I'm serious, give it a try.

  3. To bring in the does i use the fawn distress, works most of the time.;) Dean what is your set up for using the doe estrus scent?:confused:
  4. In early season i like to use Vanilla Killa by D. Fitzgerald. I know, sounds stupid but the scent of vanilla is a hunger trigger. So it might help get the deer coming a little quicker in the midday and evenings. The only calling i do if any is a fawn distress call.
  5. Scents and Calls for Early Season..


    In my opinion, the use of estrus doe scent during the early season is WRONG!! :coco: The does are NOT in estrus at this time and it will spook more deer. I suggest using a quality "cover scent" such as raccoon urine or red fox urine. (Raccoon for hunting from treestands and fox urine for hunting on the ground) You can EFFECTIVELY use either of these scents from early October completely throughout the firearms, muzzleloader and late archery season.;) )

    When I visually see the bucks chasing the does... THEN and ONLYTHEN..will I start using the doe-in-estrus scents but I still use the raccoon scent to cover MY scent...

    As far as calls.. I NEVER use the "dominant buck" call... I have seen many sub-ordinant bucks, decent 8-10 pointers, actually run off for fear of getting their butts kicked by a meaner buck!! (Would YOU go charging in if you thought you were going to be beat up??:bonk: )

    I prefer to use a doe bleat ALL YEAR LONG... A doe is NEVER a threat to a buck.. He looks at her as a symbol..a means of reproduction.. I have had bucks run away from a buck grunt but turn right around and come walking back to a sexy sounding doe:dizzy: ...

    If you insist on sounding like a buck... sound like a YOUNG BUCK.. A young buck does NOT scare a big buck:bowdown: ..

    I have called more big bucks in sounding like a "lonesome doe" or a young buck invading a big buck's territory... (Just my opinion but, since 1964, I have harvested over 140 deer with bowhunting equipment and 87 with muzzleloader.:bash: )

    Bud Fields
  6. fox urine

    I remember my uncle making me put fox urine all over my boots back in the day. Swore I would never mess with that stuff again, switched to fresh earth (as did he). No offense Bud, I do think the stuff hid ground scent, but man did it stink! I can still smell it. Elimitrax now.
  7. Like Bud mentioned, I don't mess with the urine/attractants until I actually see some seeking/chasing.

    I just bought the H.S. Fresh earth scent wafers, and LOVE them. Keep one in the clothes tub, and plan on wearing one on the hat in the stand.

    I've also purchased some White Lighting scent free spray. I've heard and read good things about that product, but have yet to try it myself.
  8. Scents

    I don't use any. I think they do more harm than good.
  9. Just my opinion but, since 1964, I have harvested over 140 deer with bowhunting equipment and 87 with muzzleloader.:bash: )

    Bud Fields[/QUOTE]
    Over 5.5 deer a season is a pretty good avg. Bud. :bowdown: How many Bucks/Does in there?
  10. By my calculations thats 7.09 deer a season!!! 227 deer divided by 32 years.:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
  11. How Many??

    Hi Folks..

    I might have to use my toes and fingers again but I think I have been deer hunting for 42 years:yikes:. That total includes hunting trips to Michigan. Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois and into Kentucky.Those hunts involved bow, shotgun and muzzleloader hunting. (I would throw rocks if I had too... or even use my hammer.. :bash: )

    I dont really have an accurate figure of how many bucks or does but I have TONS of photos. I have a den wall full of NICE bucks and 2 made the Indiana Book and a garage full of antlers and the freezer has been loaded to capacity MANY times with nice, big does.

    I do "pass" on shooting small deer..young deer, button bucks and basket rack bucks but if a NICE, MATURE buck happens to have a "death wish".. I will be willing to make a place in the freezer for him.

    Being retired, except for my article writing and seminars, I am VERY fortunate to be able to spend many hours in a treestand and that certainly is an advantage over many hunters .:cheeky-sm

    Good luck and good shooting to EVERYONE..:grouphug:
    Bud Fields
  12. 2005

    41 (this year makes 42)
  13. You Are Right..

    You Are Right..

    This will be my 42nd. year of deer hunting and it is STILL exciting:yikes:. I feel just like a kid awaiting Christmas morning. I have problems sleeping the night before opening day:( and it seems to take FOREVER for hunting season to get here:dizzy: and then... IT'S GONE!!!:mad:

    I am hoping to visit my friends in deer camps:grouphug: across the Midwest and possibly make new friends everywhere I go;) . For the most part.. the people I meet during hunting season are really nice folks:) ..

    Good Hunting
  14. Hmmm...

    Why would a Buck that has not had SEX since last year Be spooked by using DOE-IN ESTRUS sents?:coco: I would think he would be very willing to seek that Smell!!!.....Bud I respect your thoughts But I'm just wondering:coco:
  15. Brew you're on to something there, no wonder Dean promotes this product.