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Early Season

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by pigeonflier, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. WOW!! Has it been a interesting 4 days. Hunted it real hard this year. Try to make this report short and to the point.

    FRIDAY... Hunted all morning. Had 1 nice size group of between 15-20 skirt us just out of range and never full commited. But was nice to get back in the rythm of calling and reacting to how the birds are working. Hiding in the goose chair, had to try and watch the birds, stay on the call, and keep an eye on my lab hiding in her Final Approach. This was her first field hunt. Had her right beside me. In the eveing I went out to Kingsbury. My normal spot was packed full of guys so we had to settle for a different spot. We only ended up bagging 5 doves between 3 of us. All in All, a real chitty opener.

    SATURDAY... Had 3 guys booked for a hunt. Left home at 4:30 with breakfast supplies in hand. Dropped off food at my buds front door and he started cooking while I set-up our spread. Met the 3 guys at 5:45 and we went back to our field for busciuts and gravy. First light came and it took about 30 mins to get geese in the air. Finally had a group of 5 working our way. Started my calling routine. Couldnt get them to slow down and they went past us. Then got them to turn back and come over us at about 30 yards up. We all opened up and had 2 fall. BUMMER, some bad shootin to start off. Was the only geese I could get to decoy all day. My hunts are sold as 6 hours so we stayed till 1:30 in the afternoon. Man that was a long day.


    SUNDAY... Went 1 mile south of town to my boss's house. He lives on a road which is 5 acre lots all the way. We basically hunted in a subdivision. House all over us and went there with the rules of only safe shots. Was hoping to get them to fly over us and drop the hammer. Put 1 dozen dekes in his perfectly mowed lawn. THere was a highway behind us, so we could not here very much. About 40 mins into light we heard a load honk to turn around and see 20 taking a real hard look at us. Got on the calls and all I could hear was my bud saying "theres a white one in the pack". They ended up circling wide and came up the next lot over. Got to the back of the property and turned right into my boss's yard and dropped right beside the dekes. Had us so flustered with this, we all 3 jumped and started blazing at 30 yards in front of us. The end of 8 shots we had 1 goose dead.. BUMMERRRRRR!!!!!!:banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3
    But when I picked it up, IT WAS BANDED. Rules are the dog that gets the bird gets the band. And guess who had the dog..........
    In the evening I went back to this spot with my dove mojo and staked it 20' in front of me in the grass. If I would have been in a area where I could have shot every bird around me I could have had 50. They were coming into my mojo locked on from 100 yards away 3-8 at a time. I ended up taking 7 shots and had 7 kills. His grass was covered in feathers after I was down.

    MONDAY.... Set up again in a alfalfa field. 30 bigfoots in the spread. ABout 45 mins into light, both me and my partner and looking west. Heard my partner say "OH CHIT" and turned to see 3 geese locked on us about 30 yards out. Went for the gun and they swung wide. Let them go and started on the calls. They did a huge circle 10' over the hay. Came back around and we took them at 25 yards 2' over the dekes. When there is only 3, its easy to lock on 1.
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  2. nice work!!

    You da man, Pigeon. Way to stick with it, bud. Nice opening weekend.

  3. Great pictures and report Pigeon. Were you by me any of those days this weekend?
  4. I agree not the best 4 days.

    Dove feilds had more hunters then doves.

    Only had 1 flock off geese and that was on day 1 got 2 of them.
    seen alot of teal but only got 2 in gun range and i miss 1 and my kid miss the other.

    Toll the wife are guns are broke and we need to by new one's.

    She said she take us to the eye doctor first.

    Had alot of fun hope you guys did to.
  5. Pigeon I am sure you still had lots of fun, justing be there and not at work.
  6. My boss called me this evening and said there was 30 eating in a yard 2 house's down from him. No white one though. And I made a mistake on the size of his lot. Its 3 acres all mowed yard. Guess where I am going this weekend??:evilsmile :evilsmile :evilsmile