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EAST Central ducks

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Anybody having any luck with all this crazy weather? The standing field water sure has the ducks scattered for me. Located a few geese going into a small spring fed pond, going to set up on them in the morning.
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It seems we are killing a few every time out. However, we are not slaying them. Saw about 300 from 7:45 - 9:30 on Saturday morning in South Central Indiana. shot a couple of greenheads.Seeing a lot of pintails so be careful.
east central IN ducks

Had a decent morning shooting geese today. Had plenty of ducks work us but the landowner will only allow us to shoot geese. Anybody checked out Huntington lately?
Brookville ducks

Heading to Brookville in the morning. My partner limited out on Tuesday. The lake is holding a good variety of puddlers right now. Wonder what this cold front coming in will do to them?
Ducks what are those? Haven't been seeing too many around here for the last few weeks.

Had a good shoot on Brookville Friday morning. The lake is up about 30 feet or so. Hunted a flooded cornfield down by hole in the wall. We ended up shooting 5 mallards ( could have been more if we could hit anything ). There are plenty of ducks on the lake right now, although there is a lack of divers. Be careful if you go down there are plenty of Pintails flying around.
We'll be heading to Brookville lake in the morning. Not too sure we'll be doin any good, drove around tonight and only seen 1 duck. It was loaded with ducks up until today. I've been seein some redheads down there. Camo Maglion, the hole in the wall thats the cove by the five mile circle isnt it? If so, I heard theres been a bunch of ducks there.
east central IN ducks

Sorry for the late reply, Hole in the wall is directly Norht of Hanna creek ramp on the east side of the lake. I hope you had a good shoot on the 19. I would like to go back down and try it again but I don't think I will make it. If it floods up next year I guarantee I will be back in the same location. Did you see any divers?
We killed 9 yesterday. I thought thats where they called hole in the wall. We killed mostly mallards, 2 rudy ducks, and shot a redhead that went to the bottom and grabbed on to something. We seen a lot of birds, too bad season goes out tomorrow.
east central indiana ducks

sounds like you had a good day. I figured the birds should still be stacked up down there. If only we had another weekend to hunt. I know what you mean about the redhead, we shot a bluebill that did the same thing last week.
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