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Easton FMJs

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by indylandon, Dec 30, 2006.

  1. Anyone shot the Easton Axis FMJs. Just bought a dozen of them to try. I've read some mixed reviews, but thought I'd see for myself.
  2. I havent tried them but heard decent things about them. THe only thing that doesnt make sense to me is why put a metal (crimpable, bendable, dentable) coating on a carbon (virtually undestructable) arrow. THe only thin i can think is they are trying to create less friction by putting the metal coating on the outside of the shaft? Thats just my take on it. Either way the new H.I.T is one of the best ideas ive seen in a long time. It gaurantees dead on broadhead alignment and the shafts are actually heavier than the ones that have the insert glued in them. PRetty neat stuff. Let us all know what you come up with.

  3. Please let me know how those shoot!!!
    I've been going back and forth between the FMJ's and the maxima hunter from carbon express. I've read so many good things about both that I really just hit a wall as far as choosing one or the other. You've gotta keep us posted!!
    if you are looking at either of those you should also be looking at the Beman MFX series. I have some Beman MFX Classics that weight in at 11.0 gr. per inch and fly out of a 65# recurve at nearly 180 fps. The kinetic energy that they create is around 40ft/lbs. Thats more than plenty for any big game animal with skin like a deer. They came in various weight categories and you can get them down under 9gr. per inch which would be one mean flat shooting arrow out of a compound. THey also have the HIT which i would recommend to anyone in the market for arrows. You should really look at these arrows also.
  5. trdtnlbwhntr
    thanks for the info!!
    I'll check those out this afternoon.
    I really want to make sure I've got all my ducks in a row before I make a decision here. Very few things in this world feel worse than missing...
  6. I just bought a Hoyt Vectrix and should be getting the bow on Tuesday. I put a Cavaleir Avalanch drop rest on, a Hoyt 4 arrow QR quiver, Fuse axium 6 in stabilizer, a shurz-a-peep, CR braided wrist sling, and a string loop. I already had a Sur-loc Leathal Weapon on my old bow, so I'm keeping that. I got the 60# max limbs with a draw of 28" and shooting 100 gr tips. As soon as I get to shoot I'll post about the arrows. I'm by no means an expert on arrows or bows, but I'll let you know what I think.
  7. I have had problems with the forend of the arrow (right where the broadhead meets the arrow) splitting on my Axis STs. I would think that with the aluminum jacket, it might alleviate this problem. I haven't tried them to find out though.
  8. stick with the maximas better and alot tougher
  9. Mason and JL make the deciding votes...
    Maxima Hunters it is!!! Thanks for the input fellas!! :cool:
  10. So while at Gander Mtn tonight, this is what I hear from cjones...

    "James Lyon said not to buy these."

    While holding a box of Axis ST's

    "James Lyon said they split. I'm not buying any of these"

    AND I LAUGHED!!! Then I said...yeah, me either...
  11., I didn't say not to buy any of those. I merely said that mine began to split. I'm not totally sold on the HIT system, and I think the next dozen I get will be the ST Epic with the HP inserts...or the FMJ's if my wife and wallet will let me!

  12. Yeah, but James, he said it like was hilarious!!! haha
  13. Did you go to K-Mart afterwards...maybe watch a little People's Court?

  14. Definitly, definitly peoples court...15 minutes to judge, 14 minutes to judge whopners peoples court...
  15. JL and Marsh that is good stuff right there......LMAO!:yikes:

    Back to the FMJ'$...personally I wouldn't pay that much for a dozen of arrow$. Plus those things are so dang heavy. I am just a speed freak so don't mind me.

    I have a few different carbon arrow shafts that I have cutdown into 1" lengths. When I get time I am going to do a compression test here at work on them to see which shaft can withstand the most force. So far I have some Gold Tip XT's, Gold Tip Ultra Light 400's and Carbon Revoltions Speed Pros. Might try and get a few more brands to compare too. I will let you know how the results turn out. I love breaking stuff!:evilsmile
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