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Eating Outing???

Discussion in ' Outing Forum' started by Dean Weimer, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. O.K. fellows, This isn't necessarily an "outing" per se, but my Dad just announced that he and my mom were going to... Bill's Steakhouse in Bronson, Mich. I told my dad that we all had been talking, drooling, drinking, and...puking about maybe going up there as a group. Let's stop talking the talk and start walking the wok ( on the brain)! When are we going to all meat (damn!!) up there sometime???? Let's....GET R DUN!!!!!
  2. We just have to make sure Val Halen is not in town. We would hate for you to be a "no show".

  3. Van Halen Rules Supreme

    Not very nice Bocephus. We could go to the show after dinner...hopefully the Coach won't hurl until we at least see some of the show.
  4. I have to come clean here....I do not hate your music, I just like getting you going. I was at the last concert Aerosmith had at Verizon
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  5. Aerosmith

    Bo...what the hell were uou thinkin?:mad:

  6. Who's Val Halen?
  7. Arrowsmith

    Arrowsmith??? Is that some kind of new archery product I've missed out on?
  8. no dumbass, its a guy that works on arrows....sheeeesh
  9. Are you available to go on my next hunting/fishing trip?....We're always looking to take someone along to bitch slap!!! :yikes: :yikes: :yikes:
  10. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    My wife and I saw Aerosmith at the coliseum. Unbelievable.
  11. Hey Cary, Was that during the Ft. Wayne Sports, Vacation, and Boat show??? did he do a good job on your arrows????:( Sorry!!!

    Coach, Val Halen is the gal that Big Fella used to date, until...she got him a gift that he wasn't too "tickled" about.:rolleyes:

    Treehugger, I know you want to bitch slap the Big Guy, but have you taken a good look at his picture??

    Now can we please get back to why this thread was started. I'm starving for some daggum Walley, Steak, Froglegs, Crablegs, etc.

    Speaking of crabs...I once went to my doctor because I thought I had a case of the crabs. After checking me (eh, hem!!!) he told me not to worry because he only counted 22. I thank You!!!:bonk:

    When are we going to eat man!!!!!
  12. Yeah, everyone in a hunting or fishing party has a designated task. We usually have the designated millionaire, designated driver, designated cook, designated gopher, designated punchin' bag, and designated do whatever...the do whatever will take care of BO!!!...LOL

    If any of you guys ever get to the Terre Haute area (I know...why would you?)...make a stop just outside of Terre Haute at the St. Mary of the Woods Supper to St. Mary of the Woods College (all girls college...yee haaa!). Club specialties are big Pork Steak, BBQ Ribs, all you can eat Catfish fillets, Walleye dinners, Frog Legs, Italian Beef, BBQ, Italian grub - Fettucini/Spaghetti, some German grub too. Also has a bar. It's a mom & pop restaurant - they are the best!!! :corkysm55
  13. Did I miss the part where Dean offered to buy?
  14. Dean, What day are you going to be at the show?
    I would like to finaly meet you and give you a UP CLOSE & PERSONAL with "GODZILLA"
  15. Hey- I have been there - its a good place. My cousin's wife is the director of the horse dept at St Mary of the woods