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    hey guys i put some hunts on ebay to get them booked, so far i have guys bidding on them then they say they can't afford it, i put the price in the discription. Don't most of you guys read everything first before you bid.:help:
  2. Yes, I do read everything before I bid, but I'm not bidding on any of your "hunts."

  3. ;)
  4. Make sure you give them negative feedback. Also you can pre-qualify bidders by stating they have to have for example at least 25 positive feedbacks.
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    what is your ebay seller name?
  6. :lol:

    Making a killing off of this "business" aren't you OBK.

  7. my bet is the hunt never happens
  8. I got some ocean front property in Arizona I would love to sell that guy!

    Why would you leave feedback when you have no idea how the hunt is going to turn out. Goes to show there's always a sucker out there.

    Look what the feedback comments are....
    Latest Feedback: From Date Item#

    very understanding....do not hesitate to buy from this ebayer
    jared2256(188) Jul-17-07 300128971073

    this guy is an excellent ebayer honest A++++++++++++++++++++++=
    338btb(210) Jul-15-07 300127816260
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  9. I hate ebay...

    A bastion for stupidity...

    Here's my question. This hunt being sold isn't a situation where someone booked it, paid for it, and now for some reason can't go so they are trying to bail. TO ME...this looks like an outfitter, who can't fill his schedule, so he is using someone else to try to push his hunts off on people just to get some names in the book. That means, either A) the area too full of outfitters and people are going elsewhere, or B) he sucks, and can't get people in there any other way.

    OBK, I'm not trying to be chitty...but come on man. You HAVE to do bear than one picture of a guy with a bear and "they feed you"